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What a week. There were easter egg hunts galore. Then Easter. Then Garrett left for an overnight trip. Then Tutu ran away. Then I twisted my ankle. Then Garrett returned. Then Tutu returned. Then functionality of my ankle returned. Then we went to Les Miserables. Then ankle died again from strange position of no leg room for four hours. Then today I had this great idea to do the World's Longest Errand Trip. Then that was a flop. Then my sanity returned. Then I made homemade salsa. Then friends came to dinner. Then I wrote the quick 5. 

And then you read it. 

THE END of the intro...now on to the 5.

1. Today during the aforementioned errand-trip-gone-train wreck, I acquired this bumper sticker at Penzey's:

I'm diggin' it. It pretty much sums up my philosophy of outreach, friendship, and life in general.

2. Last night Garrett and I went to see the broadway tour of Les Miserables (a most lovely birthday gift!) Oh...sigh. It was wonderful. Theater is one of those things I'm not sure I could ever get tired of. Just being at a real production is such a treat; but being at Les Miserables, the musical rendition of the singular greatest novel I've ever read... I don't know how to describe it. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the show, they had redesigned and re-staged the show in several big ways which was cool.

One of my favorite characters in the book is the Bishop, who only has a minor scene in the play. Last night I was struck by a line that the Bishop sings as he welcomes Jean Val Jean into his home:

Come in sir for you are weary

And the night is cold out there

Though our lives are very humble

What we have we have to share

There is wine here to revive you

There is bread to make you strong

There's a bed to rest till morning

Rest from pain and rest from wrong

Isn't that a lovely thought, that what we have, we have to share? I thought so.  All through Les Mis is woven a beautiful picture of grace and redemption, of living in the truth of who we are and yet striving to be, by God's grace, so much more. I love the story because it is not merely Val Jean's story, it is all of our story as we wrestle with grace and truth, showing compassion and finding humility. And that ultimate question that lingers in all of us: "Who am I?" 

Love it.

3. Last weekend we went out for a family-wide dinner and Garrett ordered this:

Yes, in fact it is a deep-fried, beer-battered hamburger, with a fried egg and bacon on top. Here is Garrett's review: "It. Was. Amazing. And I was full for the next 20 hours."

4. Tis the season to plant the garden. Well, not quite the garden but we do enjoy growing some tomatoes around here (this is mainly to sustain our grilled pizza habit, which requires lots of fresh tomatoes in the late summer and fall.) Anyone out there growing anything this year? Have you planted yet? 

5. Here is a little math problem that drives me bonkers:

Clean clothes drying on table + Dry Cat sleeping on them = Dry clothes that smell like wet cat


That's all for today. Have a good weekend!!!!

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Teresa said...

We just got back from The King's Speech (because, as you know, I just looooooove that Mr. Darcy). It wasn't Les Mis, but it was wonderful. So glad I got to relive a little of England's history on a grand day in England.

Take care, and stop doing all of that stuff! You make me tired reading the intro.

ps-Chipotle is awesome.