ella's birthday party

Could it really be almost a month since Ella's birthday party? Sheesh. We had a little backyard shindig that turned out so fun. Friends chatting. Lilacs blooming. Kids tearing around, blowing bubbles and leaving trails with little cheeto finger prints. All made for a fun evening.

Ella had several strong ideas about her party. She wanted to invite everyone she knows. She wanted to have these cupcakes, of which she planned to eat 2 because she was turning 2. She wanted blue juice. (I'm not sure what makes her so sure of what she wants: her personality or being the third born or being a girl. Any ideas on that?) 

 Grandpa and Isaac

 Kiddos at the bubble table

 Some pretty good bubbles 

 Every year our lilacs bloom for two weeks. Is that normal? Seems kind of stingy to me to smell so good and be so pretty and only stick around for two weeks. But it is a lovely two weeks. 

 And then there was food...

 And we had our once-a-day year serving of hot dogs...

And cheeto fingers (and cheeks...)

 Ella sat with daddy waiting for her cupcakes. 

 These cupcakes were the easiest birthday cake I've ever done. Seriously- I really recommend them as a simple and pretty dessert. 

 Her two candles...where did those two years go?

 OK...she liked her cupcakes just a little 

 It was evident by the gifts that these friends sure knew her:  a new blue dress...
 an insane amount of nail polish and chap stick...

 and her new princess backpack. She got so many fun things- a book, purse, clothes, jewelry, princess cup...a very girly birthday, indeed.

 Here she is closing her eyes for the final gift...

 her new bike! 

She's always been a bike fan so she is enjoying having her own bike

And here's a few other party guests...

And so now she's two.  I've never been a fan of the phrase "terrible two's", though I fully understand the strength of will that is revealed that could lend to that title. I like to think of it more as the "trying two's", some days as the "terrific two's", but mostly just as "the taming of the two's". She is so two. So truly unique and full of life and ideas and opinions and ready to conquer the world. 

This morning she handed me her diaper and said, "Pease hold dis. I potty now." And she proceeded to go climb up on to the toilet, drench the hem of her nightgown, and then flush and wash her hands. Sheesh. Feel like the two's are a whole new adventure with this lady on board. 

And that's the party wrap up. 


Teresa said...

Awesome party pics! Thanks for the party posting - it looks like loads of fun.
You have to show me how to do the cupcakes. They are totally adorable. I may just make them for fun.

Teresa said...

p.s Is tomorrow really June?