I've got the title...just need everything else

Passion and Purpose. I've decided this will be the title of my greatest  best-selling  magnum opus something I write eventually.

It occurred to me in the shower this morning that passion was a common theme of life in our 20's. We did things we love. We had strong opinions and high ideals. We burned the candle at all ends to live out conviction and principles and to give ourselves wholly to the things we believed in.

And then somewhere along the way, life tempers you out a bit. Maybe it's the 3+ kids, or the hours of work, or the home-owning that demands evenings of cutting the grass and clearing the front porch. It can all begin to seem so ho-hum.

BUT then, in the quiet every day life of your 30's, maybe you find purpose. And if you can truly find a purpose that is noble and worthy and eternal, and live that out with passion each day, I think you could avoid the "unexamined life [that] is not worth living" (Socrates).

Passion and Purpose. Not to be confused with Passion and Purity. Hmmmm...too similar? 

On a sweet but still kind of heavy note...

Yesterday we all trooped out to my doctor's appointment. I was planning to bring the kids along for the change of scenery and because I thought they would like to hear the heartbeat. Thankfully at the last minute Garrett came, too, so it was way less crazy than it would have been otherwise.

When we returned home and settled in for lunch, Drew prayed, "God, please let our baby be born. Please don't let her die in mom's stomach. Help her to grow big and strong. Amen."

Sheesh. What do you say to that? I think it is good that he recognizes that life truly is a gift not to be taken for granted, and that God is the Giver of life. But it was a bit heart-wrenching all the same.

On an unrelated but newsworthy note, we are throwing a birthday party for Ella on Saturday. Our little lady will be 2. As is typical of life around here, we managed to invite over 50 people. As the event nears, I find myself drawn to start new projects, address things unrelated to the day, pour time and energy into irrelevant things. What is it about things that NEED to be done that makes those things so unappealing but everything else extremely appealing? Surely this is a character flaw of the most annoying (and inconvenient) kind.

Well, I guess I should go. Have a nice Wednesday, even better Thursday, and we'll see you at the quick 5.


Uncle J said...

I know how you feel! When I should be writing a paper due tom. night I often just peruse blogs instead.

Lucy said...

Wow, I wished we lived nearer to each other. I love your children so much. Hearing things they say and do make me tear up and feel like squeezing something! And we echo Drew's prayer and can't wait for the next little lady Swanberg!

Teresa said...

Waiting for Friday ...