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Oh, Friday, you old charmer you! Here's to Friday, the dessert of the week and the appetizer of the weekend!

1. This morning I was called upon to mediate a scuffle between my boys. This is becoming an increasingly common problem, as my Drew (6) is so sensitive and my Isaac (3.5) is so clueless when it comes to relationships. (it usually goes like this- Me: "Isaac, you hurt Drew's feelings." Isaac: "So?") In this particular situation, Drew related to me a long narrative of how Isaac was teasing him. I turned to Isaac and asked him to state his defense. His response, with that Isaac-twinkle in his eye, was "No comprendo." We all cracked up. I am learning that humor is Isaac's great strength and weakness: it lightens situations, endears him to others, but also helps him avoid dealing with REALITY.

2. As I type this (late Thursday night), there is a small crowd of men (not to be confused with a crowd of small men) gathered in my living room watching the last three episodes of Battle Star Galactica. I enjoyed the show but dropped off watching it somewhere in season 2. I had to stop watching because I couldn't fall asleep for at least 3 hours after a show, and we almost always watched them at night. So it just wasn't working out. I was also having weird interactions like this: several months ago we were sitting at breakfast when Drew asked what 'child proof' meant. I explained, referring to the top of the vitamin bottle. He immediately picked it up and popped it open. "If it's child-proof, what does that make me?" he asked. "A cylon...?" I answered in my head. And I knew I had to stop.

3. Our neighbors across the alley have chihuahuas. Since moving in, I have learned that several stereo types about chihuahuas are true: 1) they are mean 2) they are stupid and 3)they do fit in purses. Last summer, Ella was chatting happily to one of these little guys (Walter) and he bit her right on the finger. She gasped, and then proceeded to blow him kisses and declare, "Love you! Love you!" A few days ago I was talking to Ellen, our neighbor,  and she told me that Walter had suddenly died. I wanted to feel bad, because she really loves these dogs and it was hard on her, but I kind of had to muster up those feelings. As I reflected on it, it occurred to me that my sentiments toward the death of Walter and the death of Osama Bin Laden are quite similar: I don't rejoice in any creature's death, but I can't help feeling like the world is now a safer place for my children.

4. I've been to a few garage sales lately. Such a good feeling to come home with those garage sale finds, knowing that you just bought something priceless with only the change in your ashtray. Anyways, I think the most irritating thing about going to garage sales is people who have a garage sale but apparently have never been to a garage sale. This was true of an ENTIRE subdivision that I perused last weekend. Things were ridiculously overpriced, and when you tried to offer lower, they looked insulted. On the flip side, my favorite garage sales are the ones hosted by folks who have been to garage sales but obviously don't shop at garage sales, and preferably have kids one size ahead of mine. This is the jackpot.

5. We're in that most difficult and tedious phase of the pregnancy, where there is tension and conflict and agony and uncertainty. No, I am not talking about swelling so don't click away. I'm talking about...the Naming. Oh yes, for some reason, naming a baby girl is very difficult for us. Our boys were both named before the first trimester was out. Ella was named about five hours after she was born. Garrett had the idea to pick a name based NOT on how it sounds with potential middle names, our kids' names (you have to practice saying them all in a list because you will about 50 times a day) or paired with the last names of our friends' kids that she may marry (just kidding on that one...mostly) but to pick a name based solely on meaning. So I scoured some name lists and we found some new candidates in the running. And we crossed some of our old ones off the list. So we're basically back at square one.   If things don't become clearer, we could always use the random Baby Name Wizard, which named our little girl Myra Priscilla. Good to know there's a plan B if we need it.

And that's a wrap.

I'm feeling the itch to change the blog look again. So that may come soon.

Thanks to all of the comments lately. Being tech-free week and my laptop in a comatose state, I haven't responded very well to facebook or e-mails.  But I'd like to give a shout-out to...

  • Tori- a "How To Grill Pizza" post is in the near future. Pictures. Details. The Works. You too will be grilling pizza before you know it.
  • Amy- Sunday afternoons do not work for us but let's chat. I'll send you a note on facebook.
  • Jamie in CO- thanks again for writing and congrats on your boy.
  • Tawnya- your new shoes on Etsy are rocking.
  • Laura B.- if you move out of town without seeing us, we will hold it against you. Let's get together (yeah, yeah, yeah)
  • Jennie- May 25 sounds good. It's a date.
  • Teresa- No, YOU are an impromptu party.
  • Nicole- I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that we are practicing our August daughter's name with your July boy's last name. It just makes sense, don't you think? (We've ruled out Lorraine, Jane, and Elaine, as well as your daughters' names as that would be confusing)
  • Garrett- what do you think of Myra Priscilla...? Or maybe we could post a poll on hear and let the masses decide...

Happy Mother's Day!


Lucy said...

HAHA Well... it does make sense since at least ONE if not BOTH of his sisters will be married to her brothers. It will really make holiday gatherings much easier. :)

Christy said...

okay, i just clicked to that baby genie website and entered our last name...and it came up with Adrienne NORA...crazy that we already have a kid by that name!?!?

Teresa said...

Precious Autumn Mott ... is this a baby girl name or a seasonal line of knicknacks?

p.s. It's pretty fun. Kind of like you!

jennismith21 said...

May 25. Got it. Working on a sitter. More details later.