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Blogger was down last night so I couldn't do my usual Thursday night prep on the quick 5. But better late than never, right?

1. Recently Tuck has started his transition into life as an outdoor cat. He seems to be liking it. He just roars at the back door and someone lets him out. Then roars at the living room windows and someone lets him in. Now if we could just get him to stop roaring at the neighbor's back door, I think we would be pretty set. 

 Tutu, on the other hand, is having the hardest time with this transition. No one likes to be left behind, even cats. I feel your pain, Tutu.

2. This week I read "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. This is significant for several reason: a) it got me out of my reading slump and felt relaxing to read again. b) I did not sleep much on nights that I read because I stayed up reading...a very gripping book. c) I didn't sleep much on nights I didn't read because the book sort of weighed on me. In fact, several times I woke out of a dead sleep with images from the book in mind.  I would hesitantly recommend it: I thought it was extremely well-written and a very compelling story; however, it has several parts that are fairly graphic and not for the faint of heart (or faint of sleep!) All in all, it was one of those books that you would say is an excellent book that I hope I never read again.  The author is a master of words and says things so simply and powerfully. And the insight into Afghanistan's history and present state was very interesting. 

3. On Monday it was hot, like 94 degrees. This inspired me to cut my hair off that evening. Upon returning from the haircut, I asked Drew what he thought and he said, "100 thumbs down." That bad, I guess. I do not regret said haircut, or my oldest child's honesty, for that matter.

4. Speaking of the haircut, I had such an encouraging encounter with the chick who cuts my hair. First she asked me when I was due, and I explained I was expecting in August, to which she muttered, "So big already..." Thanks. (This stung a little extra because earlier that day when I was buying some size L maternity clothes, the cashier at the secondhand store asked me when I was due. After replying that I was due in August, she remarked that I might be back for some XL clothes before then. Why, thank you. Such a nice thought. Sheesh.)

5. Ella had a birthday. And a party. And a two year well-check that ended in the pediatrician pronouncing her "very healthy and very precocious." All of these things I am planning to write more about (well, maybe not the dr. visit) but haven't found time yet. The theme of it all is that my baby girl is not a baby, or even much of a toddler, any more. She is a full-fledged independent little lady, who delights in dresses, having her ears checked and her nails painted, and drinking juice while watching Baby McDonald. Where did those two years go? I guess it goes to show that in those moments when you feel like you will always have someone in diapers or may never leave the house without an infant carrier in tow, you have to remind yourself that all too soon this season will end. Forever. Seize the day, friends, seize the day. 

Ella and daddy at Fontenelle Forest

Just wanted to say a special hello to my dad in Seattle. Hope you're having a good trip. Ella is planning to come next time. 

And I guess that is that. I have a homeschool post about ready to run, probably up tomorrow. I have a grilled pizza post that is brewing for the next few weeks, as well as some thoughts on summer reading for kids. 

12 weeks 'til baby! It seems both far and close at the same time. 

Hope your weekend is lovely. 

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Anonymous said...

I think Ella would be a real asset in some of my meetings. Unfortunately, she would bored like crazy.
However,just the thought of Garrett and Ella at future "Take your Daughter to Work" days brings a smile to my face.