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Good Morning! It's a chilly Friday in these parts and summer is actually beginning to sound appealing in these cold mornings (and to my kids who are dying to set up the pool!) But we'll see what the next week brings. Today brings the quick 5..

1. Right now I am sitting on the couch next to Ella. She is my early riser, my morning star, my "I don't sleep past 6" kid. They have all been through phases like this, and I am finally learning to just embrace it instead of fight it too much. The nice thing is her new earlier wake-up time has brought about a much longer afternoon nap (now between 2-3 hours). Not a bad trade off...except at 6:00 some mornings. =)

2. Today is our last day of school for the year! I'm not sure exactly how I feel yet about Drew being a first grader. I definitely live in the reality that he is getting big (when he stands next to me his head is up to my elbow already! Really? At six?) I feel at a loss right at this moment to process through surviving year 1 of homeschooling. Guess more thoughts on that to come. 

3.  Have you seen High School Musical? I saw this parody on Sesame Street this week and thought it was pretty funny...

4. Next week we will start our "summer routine" around here. Not really a big deal, just trying to find a daily rhythm that allows us to relax but still be purposeful. I haven't quite nailed it all down yet, but it will include some reading, a little craft time here and there, joining summer reading club at the library, and swimming lessons. I have declared it the "Summer of the Sermon on the Mount" and we started memorizing that this week- which has been so rewarding already! Even Ella is getting in on the action; if you say the beginning of one of the first three ("Blessed are those who mourn") Ella will finish the sentence ("they be tomforted".) Hoping to press though and see how much we can cover before baby arrives. 

5. I alluded to the story of discovering a difference in educational plans in our home- so I'll tell that as #5. Warning: the details are sketchy in my mind. Ok here goes.
When Drew was small (2ish) we were hanging out with ______ (insert name of friend that I can't remember). He/She said "So are you guys planning to homeschool?" Garrett and I both responded simultaneously, me replying, "No!" as Garrett chimed, "Yes!" Then there was that background sound of the music stopping and a record screeching to a halt as we looked at each other in confusion. Oh...guess we hadn't quite talked about that yet. You already know how the story ends...he won =)

By now all the kids have joined me on the couch and everybody wants to contribute. 

Drew would like to share this picture of his birthday cake:

 Ella would like you to see this picture of her and her Fifi:

Isaac would like you to join him in fondly remembering his birthday cake from last year:

And I need to feed these kids and get this show on the road. Happy Friday to you!

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Teresa said...

Who doesn't fondly remember that smokin' cake?