what do you value in education?

A few years back I lead a little workshop at our church conference on educational choices. I am by no means an expert in education and, the goal of the workshop was to help people understand their options and some things to consider as they make educational choices for their kids.

I created a document called "Considering Educational Values" simply as a "thinking tool" to spark discussion in families and help them clarify their values. The idea is that if you begin with the end in mind, perhaps that would help you to decide how to best get to that end. And it is good to begin those discussions early, as sometimes you assume that you and your spouse are on the same page, only to find out that you aren't even in the same book! (Have I told you that one? I'll put it in the quick 5...)

So the following content was a worksheet I passed out and encouraged parents to go through together, cross things off, brainstorm, pray about, and hopefully begin the process of those choices. Since I couldn't upload the doc in an easy way, I just pasted the whole thing. Hope it is helpful to some of you out there.

I know there are many of you out there at the beginning of the school process. It seems like such a BIG decision- and it is. But remember, God promises to give you wisdom as you ask Him!


Considering Educational Values

I believe the following things are important and should be prioritized in my child’s education.

When it comes to a biblical foundation, I want my child to be proficient in:
Bible study
Scripture memory (specifically __________________)
Biblical languages
General knowledge of Biblical books and authors
Study of systematic theology
Practical application of scripture
Church History
Curriculum: I want my child to study:
Christian curriculum
Secular curriculum
Emphasis on classical languages and learning
Specific approach, such as Montessori or __________
Foreign language starting in _____ grade
Competitive academics (college prep)
Interest-specific studies

Literature: I want my child to read:
For their own enjoyment
Particular focus on Christian novels/classics
Classic novels
Modern works
Variety of genres
Periodicals and topics on current events
Only books I have approved
Opportunity: I want my child to have the opportunity to:
Participate in group projects/events
Compete in competitive athletics
Intramural sports
Student government
Participation in Choir/Band
Proficiency in a musical instrument
Exposure to broad spectrum of musical experiences
Opportunity to participate in drama/theater
Training in visual art, such as drawing or painting lessons

Study Skills: I want my child to be able to:
Study independently
Use technology
Work on big projects over a period of time
Set goals
Have good time management
Know where to find information
Be familiar with resources at the library and internet
Meet deadlines in schoolwork
Turn in quality work

Communication: I want my child to be comfortable:
Expressing ideas in written form
Speaking in front of groups
Stating personal beliefs in a variety of settings
Know appropriate language for settings
Conversing with people from different ideological backgrounds

Life Skills: I want my child to be skilled at:
Personal finances
Basic car maintenance
Home repair
Running a household

Experiences: I want to expose my children to situations such as:
Serving the homeless
Caring for the sick and elderly
Interacting with refugees/aliens or people of different cultures
Cross-cultural experiences
Exposure to other religions
Other: Specific goals I have for my child:


Teresa said...

This is great, Becky!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and giving us a way to talk about some of these issues.

Katie T. said...

I do still have that worksheet, but thanks for posting it again. Has been so helpful for us as we are making decisions about educating and discipling our kids!