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The drama  weather is heating up. The plot  ankles thickens.That's how I feel about my week and the onset of June weather. {Sigh}

1. We have started reading the "How to Train Your Dragon" series by Cressida Cowell. These books were the inspiration for the Disney movie, though we quickly realized that the movie is not at all true to the books. It took several conversations before Drew could really understand how two stories (the book and the movie) could have the same title and characters but not be at all alike. While reading a review of the books, Garrett came across a comparison of the book and movie that brought up an interesting issue in regards to children's literature. The reviewer (who shall remain nameless because I don't know his name) commented that he enjoyed the fact that (in the book) the main character had a family that was all alive, in tact, and supportive. (Interestingly enough, in the Disney movie the mom is dead and the dad antagonistic.) The reviewer went on to note how it seems to be a trend in modern children's literature that parents are either dead (Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket) or villainous. This is a sad trend, wouldn't you say? It seems to perpetuate the whole societal idea that in adolescence, parents are either absent or enemies. Sad, indeed.

2. Last week I stepped in the backyard to check on the kids only to find Isaac running barefoot in the wet grass. I sent him in to put on shoes, much to his dislike. "Just put on shoes and you can come right back out," I assured him.  Apparently when Garrett found Isaac in the kitchen several minutes later, Isaac was totally naked and putting on his shoes.  I guess he heard me say, "Put on just shoes and you can come right back out." An important distinction. 

3. Today I lost Isaac at the zoo. We were all in a big group headed toward the desert dome, and I think when our group turned up the ramp he kept right on running. It was a scary few minutes, and didn't really sink in until we were driving home and I was thanking God for the nice woman who was holding his hand and helping him find his mom. The more I thought about it, the more shook up I got. After telling Garrett the story, he reassured me that I was in good company; after all, if the Virgin Mary can lose her kid and still be a saint, I must be OK. And her kid turned out alright so.... yeah, not sure it is quite the same thing. I'm with you on that. (But the thought was consoling, honey. Thanks.)

4. I picked up the book "Wisdom and Eloquence" by Littlejohn and Evans...again. I've read the first half several times and am determined to plow through the rest. For me it is one of those books that I really want to appreciate and enjoy (like things by Geissler and Ravi Zacharias and even some C.S. Lewis) but I struggle to make it through. In this particular re-reading, I was struck in the intro by a quote in regards to the goal of education: 
"We want to prepare our graduates not only to make a living, but also to make a profound difference in the world into which they emerge and in the world that emerges over their lifetime...They require an education that imbues them with the ability to recognize and understand current trends, the creative flexibility to respond effectively to ever-changing circumstances, and the sound judgement to perceive and champion the highest good for society." (p. 13)
5. When people ask about our childbirth experiences, Garrett has taken to saying, "We've had one out the door and two out the window. This one's coming out the window." Something about saying it that way is just really funny to me. It is true, this birth will be a c-section (hence the window not the door) and maybe just saying it that way helps me to laugh about the reality. It is a different mindset going into it knowing that (theoretically) I won't even labor (both of my previous c-sections were at the end of labor). My cousin recently asked me what is the best way to gear up mentally for a repeat c-section, to which I replied, "Find a doctor who will let you deliver, and gear up for that!" I've done it both ways, folks, and the door is the way to go. Enough said. 

Do you watch The Voice? Sheesh, that is a fun show. 

Did you know you can make pigs-in-a-blanket on the grill? Super yummy (but don't get distracted because they burn easily...or so I've heard...)

Have you ever read "Jacob Have I Loved" by Katherine Patterson? I re-read it last week. One word: Depressing. 

Did you know the Omaha Zoo no longer has elephants? I mean, I think they are in the long-term plan to bring them back, but can you really be a zoo without elephants? I dunno...

Why does summer make children rise earlier and stay up later? Shouldn't that be impossible?

Drew was reading to me from a book about Star Wars and stated that "Padme Amadala is a centaur." This surprised me; I'm no Star Wars expert but I didn't know there were mythological creatures. Upon second review, we realized it said Senator. Aha. 

OK, that's all the random things that have been piling up and itching to be blogged. So happy Friday to you! Have a great weekend. 

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