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We're up and moving this morning as we prepare for our weekend trip to the Jewel of the Midwest: Des Moines. Oh yeah. Here's 5 for ya...

1. Our cats are both officially indoor/outdoor cats. It kind of makes them feel like college students: they come, eat, lay around, and then leave. At least there's no laundry. The downside is the condemnation you get from your veterinarian when you tell them that you let your cats outside. It's hard to explain exactly; but imagine if you told your pediatrician that you had decided to replace dairy in your child's diet with mountain dew. That's the look.

2. Drew lost his second tooth this week. (I have a picture on my phone that is not cooperating- so maybe in the future...?) He likes this new step into "big kidness." And he likes the dollar under his pillow. We went back and forth about if we should do "the tooth fairy", as it seemed in contradiction with our personal vibe on Santa. So in the end we tell him it's the tooth fairy, but we aren't willing to really defend or persuade, and he knows it's us.

3. Have I mentioned that we started watching "The Voice"? This is newsworthy because...well, OK, it isn't really that newsworthy but it is different than our usual routine because we usually don't watch anything.  Garrett sums up what he likes about the show as "It's the best things about American Idol plus more actual singing." I think that's true. Pretty interesting.

4. I've been hungry for french fries lately. I recognize that this is not newsworthy either, nor is it a sign of some sort of pregnancy craving. I'm kind of always hungry for french fries.

5. 5 Signs Your Children May Be Headed Towards an Addiction to Fountain Drinks:
1- You say it's time to run errands and your first born begins to collect cups from the cupboard, "Just in case we stop at the drink store." 2- Your children refer to gas stations as the drink store. 3- Your 3-year old knows which gas station in town actually has "Dog Root beer"- his favorite drink. 4- When telling you what he wants, your boys specify whether they want their ice "crushed or big". 5- If it's hereditary, there isn't any way around it. <sigh>

I guess that's it for this morning! Happiest of weekends to you. I hope you have a nice Father's Day celebration, a relaxing Saturday, and find time to rest and worship our Savior in the midst of it all.


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Tawnya said...

Some serious LOL at #5 - love your family!