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Is it Friday again? Here we are on the brink of another weekend. Last weekend found as hanging out at Adventureland on a quick family reunion/vacation.This weekend we are gearing up for a 'stay-cation' with some friends, festivities kicking off tonight. 

And now for the quick 5...

 1. Here is a picture of Ella and Fiona, my niece, from last weekend. As I sort through my pictures of the trip, I realize that 90% of the pictures are of these two. This is due to several factors: a) Fiona is adorable and I kept taking pictures of her. b) Isaac does not really dig having  his picture taken any more. c) Drew was off with the guys riding roller coasters. That's right, my firstborn child is now over the allusive 48 inches that somehow qualifies you to pummel through the air at insanely high speeds, all at the mercy of some random lap belt that will hold you in the cart. Drew rode everything and loved every minute of it.  

2. I've mentioned before that our cats are now indoor/outdoor cats. It has come to my attention that cats in this state are similar to college students. They wander home, eat, and then wander out into the night. Tutu, in particular, is like a college freshman. Having just secured his freedom, he feels the need to always be gone. He eats and bolts. Tuck, on the other hand, has been at it awhile and seems more relaxed with his freedom. He naps inside on the warm afternoons, comes in out of the rain, and is generally around more. All in all, they are a funny combo because they basically just hang out in our yard (I don't think that is normal for cats) and our neighbor's garage. Sorry, neighbors. 

3. Thanks to cool weather, the kids have spent lots of time in the yard this week. The boys adapted their favorite indoor game, The Pile, for outdoor play.

They built this hollow fort that they can actually climb into. As I contemplated this work, I wasn't sure if I should be impressed by their building abilities or depressed that all of this junk was found in our yard. Sheesh.

4. Suddenly, Ella has entered a Dora the Explorer phase. Your daughter might be in this phase if: a) she wakes you in the morning saying, "Mama! Dora and Boots, pease!" or "Buenos Dias!" b) She is way into maps and sings the map song. c) The Dora theme song seems to be the soundtrack for your dreams at night. d) She likes to discuss the complexities of the character, Swiper. "Sometimes he good. Sometimes he help!" She feels the tension of the dynamic character. (My friend mentioned awhile back that after years of being a "Dora" house, they were ready to move on. I'd like to officially state that after ten days of being a "Dora" house, I am ready to move on. Oh, brother.) 

5. Isaac would like to contribute: "After naps today I am going to the movies with grandpa and grandma and Drew to see Lightning McQueen. I goin' get candy and popcorn and root beer. (Drew interjects that he will have Coke Zero).  You can go to the movies or you can get movies from redbox." It's nice to be three, don't you think? I think so. 

Guess that is all. Time to feed the troops and get the day going. 

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