quick 5...in headlines

Hello there, blog reader. What a day. What a week. What a funny life we live that finds things changing so much in such a short time. Here's the latest and greatest in our neck of the woods...

1. "Policy Change on Inclusion of Medical Students in Personal Care"
This past weekend found me hanging out for an evening in Labor and Delivery. Just me, a fetal monitor, a nice nurse, and a young resident doctor who had no idea what he was doing. The whole university hospital scene is littered with people who are fresh out of class and need to practice on people. I try to be a good sport, try to be open to students being involved in my medical care, but that policy is being re-considered. After waiting on the doctor for an hour, in walked the resident who wanted to ask me some questions. 22 seconds later, he was out of questions, and just sat staring at me. We both knew he hadn't asked enough that he could leave, and he obviously had no idea what else to ask. So I began to give him information, "I am 30. This is my 6th pregnancy; two miscarriages, two c-sections, one vaginal delivery. All live births were full term. I have not been experiencing any nausea, vomiting, dizziness, or bleeding. I don't have gestational diabetes..." He began to furiously scribble down the notes. This in itself didn't really bother me; what bothered me was that he proceeded to tell me that he didn't think I was having contractions (the contractions were not showing up on the monitor, due to the fact that the sensor was closer to my heart than my belly button). He then launched into an explanation of how sometimes cramps can feel like contractions. I stared. I blinked. I nodded my head. I should have decided at that point that he did not get to participate any further in my care, but I didn't. And I regretted it. We'll just leave it at that.  So I think the new policy will be, "Yes- med student can interview me at dr's appointment. No- med student does not get to hold any instruments or help in L and D."  There you have it: Policy officially changed. 

(To wrap up that story, I ended up being sent home because not much was changing. I had a positive result on the fetal fibronectin test- an inconclusive indicator that you could be going into labor in the next two weeks- which just confused the issue.  I've continued to have contractions fairly regularly for a few hours a day. This happened with Isaac and Ella starting at 36 weeks...but I'm only 30 weeks right now. So I'm on orders for "decreased activity"- which my doctor defines as "stay out of the heat and off your feet." Easier said than done, but I'm trying to stick to it.)

2. "From the Mouths of Babes"
We're continuing our trek through the sermon on the mount, and it's been fun. As we wrap up the "blesseds", I was reading the last one to the kids and ended with "theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

"Wait a minute," Drew protested, "he already gave 'the kingdom of heaven' to 'the poor in spirit'!" 

Guess they'll share , I explained....?

3. "Two Year Old Potty Trains Herself Despite Lazy Mom"
I keep saying that each week we will work on Ella's potty training, but there is always a reason not to. This week I was supposed to be taking it easy, and 'potty training Ella' didn't seem to fit into that category. Yesterday as I made dinner, she took off her diaper, sat on the potty chair, peed in it, dumped it in the toilet, and then came to tell me. I confirmed that this had indeed happened. Ok, ok...she's ready. Sheesh.

4. "Phone Pictures Used as Filler When Blogger Lacks Interesting Things to Say"

Here's some from my phone this week...

 Gotta love Lowes (or their shopping carts anyways)

 Ella's face paint- "Blue flur!" she kept announcing. 

 My summer girl (yes- that is a QT cup, thank you for asking.)

 Oh Drew...

5. "NBA Finals and Swelling Feet Bring Abrupt Ending to Quick 5"
Are you watching playoff basketball? It's a good series, with each game neck in neck. Tonight is the last game in Dallas and then it's back to Miami. The Mavs need this one. And it's on right now. And I'm having a hard time not listening to it in the other room as I type. So I will sign off for the night. 

Happy Friday to you and yours! 

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