all about i-man

Several months back, Isaac wrapped his little arms around my growing belly and pressed his ear to listen. "What is the baby saying Isaac?" I asked.

He paused, listened, and gruffly responded, "FEED ME!" Classic Isaac.

Our Isaac is turning four this Friday. He is such a character, such a unique personality in our family, and I am struggling with how to even write and capture some of who he is.

When I was first pregnant with Isaac, a blood clot loomed over him and the doctor gave the pregnancy a 50% chance of making it. My father-in-law encouraged us to offer this little life up to God, in imitation of Abraham offering Isaac on the altar. And so we prayed and endeavored to trust God, and the name Isaac came to be the theme of the pregnancy. (Isaac means "laughter", which Drew has often noted is the perfect name for Isaac.)

Six months later, Isaac came home from the hospital to a family of eight- two parents, a big brother, four teens and our assistant house parent. 

First Christmas

First Halloween

Called "I-man" almost from the beginning, but often referred to as "the Lil Man" by our guys

 Had the genetic predisposition to love donuts

And then suddenly he grew up on us. Isaac taught us to trust God through his early pregnancy and then challenged us again to trust God through his trying toddler years. It's amazing how he and Drew are such good friends but very different in their personalities.

Isaac loves the cats. He likes to hold them, chase them, pet them, lock them in the toy chest, and, most of all, snuggle them.

One thing I love about Isaac is that he is not fake. If he doesn't like something, he will say so. "Doesn't Ella look pretty?" may be met with the answer "Not really."  Or he may tell your friends that their lasagna tastes funny or that their cat is small or that their house smells like stinky cheese. He's 100% genuine. What he loves he loves with all of him, and everything else is just ho-hum.

Sometimes I worry that he will get lost in the shuffle, that being #2 with Einstein as your older brother and Drama Queen as your younger sister will cause him to fall into shadows.

Though there is something about him that is more subtle, he has such a sweet heart and ready laugh that I think he will always be a refreshing part of our family dynamic. I think subtle is a good word for it. There's a twinkle in his eye, a funny voice that he uses for jokes, a physical comedy that he will pull out of nowhere to have us all cracking up.

And so at his fourth birthday, Isaac stands with a year of change ahead of him. His second little sister will be born in a few weeks. He will start a more formal version of school (at least formal for us) this fall as part of a Classical Conversations community. He is stepping more into his role as a helper around the house with chores and responsibilities.

Toddlerhood is a thing of the past, and even being a preschooler seems to be passing quickly into the phase of just a plain little boy. Not that there is anything plain about this little boy.

Happy Birthday to the little man who is truly the sprinkles on the cake of our life.

We love you, Isaac, and you are a delight to have in our life.


Lucy said...

Love him! Those #2's have a special piece of your heart.

Teresa said...

Very sweet, Becky.

I can tell you love that little bundle of joy.

Tawnya said...

Wow. I just loved this post on Isaac. Loved it. :)

Anonymous said...

You described Issac perfectly! That little guy sure makes me laugh. He is definitely the comedian of the crowd! Grandma Ruth