a belated quick 5

Friday came and went with no quick 5 around here. Just one of those days where it didn't work. But better late than never- so here we go.

1. On Thursday afternoon Drew said to me,"Can I use your computer? I need to do some research." His research involved looking up articles to get some professional opinions on what animals would make a good starter pet for a kid. The main article we found listed three good options for pets that kids can take care of: hermit crabs (doable), sea monkeys (yawn), and tarantulas (heaven help us!). You can guess which was the most intriguing, and what all the follow up research was about.  Garrett and Drew are seeing possibility in this little arachnid adventure; jury is still out with mom.

2. The heat set in this week. There is something about Omaha heat that isn't like 'Oh the temperature is a little hotter' but is more like 'It's hard to breathe outside now.' Thursday evening I ran an errand and it was 91 degrees and almost ten o'clock. Sheesh. This reality is made worse by the fact that Ella likes to turn off the AC. Super sheesh.

3. The boys often request for me to pull the calendar off the fridge so they can survey the month: how far til birthdays, any holidays on the horizon, etc. Early this week, Drew was counting how long until Isaac's birthday (17 days) and then how long to baby (24 days) and then how long until school starts (11 days!). 11 days??? Blink. Gulp. Oh. For some reason there was a bit more time in my mind between return from hospital to beginning of school. But I guess I'm thankful to know that now and not first realize it on the ride home with the baby. As you may have guessed, there was a subtle shift from "get ready for baby" to "get ready for school year". A good development, I'd say.

4. I cut Ella's hair. It was a spur of the moment decision, just saw her wet long hair and thought she could use a trim. The actual haircut lasted about 90 seconds, removed 2-3 inches, and left her with a wavy little bob. It's a good development because lately she had been fighting me about wanting to wear her hair down (outgrown pigtails already? I hope not!) I realized as I swept up the dark trimmings that there were no pictures taken of her first haircut; ah, the plight of the third born...

5. Congratulations to our sweet friends, Jacob and Nicole, on the birth of little Judah. Welcome to parenting a little boy. Excited for all the tarantulas delights that will bring your dear family!

Happy Saturday to you.

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