quick 5

Hello there, Friday fans. Hope your week has been cool and joyful and full of surprises (good ones, anyways.) Here's five things to start off your Friday...

1. I am happy to report that the Jamocha shake (we're talking real deal, not home brew) now comes in a JR. size. For $1!!!! Oh yeah. It's awesome because the price is great (I can pay with money from my ashtray) and the size is perfect (I don't know about you, but half way through a big shake I usually start to think, "Wow, this is a lot of shake.") The JR. Value shake, people. Just do it. Why? We're thinking Arby's (at least "we" as in baby girl and me and my friend, Nicole!)

2. On a related but not wanting-to-talk-about-how-related note, I have three pounds left until I reach my weight goal for this pregnancy. With only 4-5 weeks to go, this would seem a feasible undertaking, except that I am famous for gaining like 13 pounds in the last two weeks. Some water weight. Some the baby getting bigger. Some "I'm so big I can't even stand in my kitchen so let's eat out" weight. Ah, well. I had hoped that 30 would be my biggest year yet...just didn't mean it to be literal.

3. I know I'm relatively new at this "Dora the Explorer" business, but I had a disturbing moment yesterday. After rescuing baby polar bears, Dora scrounged in the faithful backpack to produce two bottles of "Bear Milk". Really? Bear milk???? In the backpack by your rope and mittens? A little wierd in my opinion.

4. The 4th of July was a big hit around here. We did fireworks. We hung with the fam. We developed a serious attachment to those huge blow up animals that try to attract your attention to fireworks tents. Seriously, all the blow-ups within a five mile radius had names and alibis and a ranking on where they would end if they all fought. (Poor Uncle Sam was at the bottom of the list.) Ella still cheers, "Let's see the monkeys!" when she gets in the car. She seems to be taking it the hardest that these friends are gone for the year.

5. There's no way to deny the differences in your early pregnancies and your fourth. In my first pregnancy, I subscribed to magazines and signed up for informational e-mails on my baby's development. In this pregnancy, I only sign up for coupons and I use the informational e-mail to keep track of how far along I am.  ("How far along am I? Let me check my phone...34 weeks today!") I've been pondering this text to announce to friends and family when the baby arrives: "Baby Girl Born! Lots lbs. Lots ounces. Feel free to visit starting 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. Please bring a white creme eclair or BLT." What do you think? Such a fine line between being forward and just plain tacky...

Is that five already? Sheesh, where does the time go. A few personal shout outs...
  • Peter- thanks for your comment including the scripture memory app. My husband downloaded it and has found it very interesting.
  • Little Lucy- so glad you think my boys are handsome. Hope you think they are still handsome in about 18 years (wink, wink).
  • Donut Professor- thank you for your new location across the street from the hospital where I will deliver.
For all those of you who commented on the "Bible Memory" posts, I really appreciate it. Thanks for your encouragement and feedback in that.

Happy late birthday to my dear friend and most faithful blog commenter, the one and only Teresa! Here's to many more years of sharing Bucky's and paint swatches and life together. Love you, friend.

Guess that's it. Happy Friday. So say we all.


Teresa said...

I'm all verklempt.

Thanks for a special shout-out, and for making me a special brew of your fabulous tea at my party the other night.

I always look forward to the quick 5 and the thoughtful things you share during the rest of the week. Thanks for encouraging all of us through one of your greatest tools - writing.

..... now, what would you like with that BLT?

Lucy said...

HAHA I should have signed that last comment... Lucy's Mom... however, I think I was speaking for ALL of us Strain ladies.
Also, thanks to my need for juicy roast beef the last 6 months, my littles are now "thinking Arby's" ALL THE TIME. :) We'll be driving and Lucy will say, "Let's go to Arby's and get a roast beef sandwich." Elly nods her head in agreement and it's hard not to every time.