quick 5

Can you believe we are half way through July? How is it that the summer can feel so fast yet this pregnancy feels so long? Just one of those contradictions of life, I suppose.

1. Today is I-man's birthday. Happy Birthday, Isaac! I was laughing last night as I watched Garrett play with the kids after dinner. Garrett was pretending to be a shark and the kids were trying to wrestle, tame, ride and avoid being eaten. At one point, Drew "sedated" the shark so that they could move it to a tank. When the shark woke unexpectedly, I laughed at the boys' different reactions: Drew dove onto the couch and Isaac dove onto the shark!

2. I would like to congratulate my 2-year old on potty-training herself this week. I never would have endeavored it so early (just turned 2) but Ella was determined. All it took to push her over the edge was the knowledge that if she pottied in the toilet she would get an M&M. She has been dry ever since.  Sheesh.

3. Speaking of the feisty thirdborn, she was up a lot on Tuesday night. I don't remember what woke her, but between 2 and 3 a.m. she kept coming into our room with various problems (I'm cold, I'm hot, tummy hurts, need pants, where's bear?, etc.) At one point I laid in bed and I was trying to think about how to articulate to her that it is not OK for her to just get out of bed.  In my mind I formulated, "Now it is night. Night is not a time for play. Night is a time for sleep."  Pretty clear way to say it, I thought, proud of how coherent I could be in my sleep-deprived state. But then my thoughts kept going, "The dogs go to sleep. They will sleep all night." And I realized that entire train of thought was actually quoting Go Dog Go. So much for coherent.

4. Gearing up for a birthday party this weekend. Isaac tried to pull a fast one on me, like he did last year (a week out he changed from the animal party to the race car party!) Yesterday at breakfast he declared his intentions of cancelling the robot party because he wanted a castle party.  Truth be told, I would have been open to the substitution if a) the castle cake looked easier than the robot cake and b) decor was not already purchased. Since neither of those were true, the robot party lives on.

5. 35 weeks pregnant. I've reached that point of the pregnancy where you feel like you've come so far but there is still so far to go. The pile of "clothes that did fit" has far outgrown the other pile "clothes that do fit" and the third pile "clothes to grow into" no longer exists. Sometimes Ella will pull up the hem of my shirt to peek at my stomach and whisper, "COME OUT!" (Yes- she is already bossing the baby around in utero.) But I resonate with the desire to just meet this little one and wrap up the pregnancy. Patience...

Guess that's all. Kind of quiet around here as we lay low to fight off contractions and sharks and other things that threaten the living room.  Hope you and yours are delighting in summer.


Victoria said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! Praying for you and your bun, Beck. :)

Teresa said...

Here's to four!
... in more ways than one!