quick 5

Let's cut to the chase:

1. My sources report (or more specifically, my dad who reads the Wall Street Journal said) that Borders stores have gone bankrupt and are closing in the next two months. Another source (the homeschool mom's e-mail network) said that the liquidation sale will actually begin tomorrow.  I'm kind of bummed about this news. I like Borders, and I like that Barnes and Noble isn't the only mega-bookstore. But I feel a little guilt that I have contributed to this reality based on all the time I have spent reading books in Borders and not buying a thing. I would like to own up to my part in this. Officially. Sorry about that, Borders. (I'll try to make up for it by checking out this liquidation sale...or is that just wrong?)

2. We have a new board game called The Dinosaur Game that was given to Drew. He has taken to it, and the boys have all enjoyed playing it together the last few weeks. As I was helping Drew understand the stats on each dinosaur's card, I came to the phrase "Rate of Reproduction". I explained that it meant how often a species has babies. Drew then inquired, "Mom, what is your rate of reproduction?" And I answered, "Lately, about every two years."  He made the thinking face and nodded. Not sure what he thought of that, but if tells you that his mom eats like a stegosaurus but reproduces like a protoceratops, you'll know what he's talking about.

3. I just started reading The Spirit of the Disciplines by Dallas Willard.  Wow. Really diggin' it and I'm just through the intro. Anyone else reading something good?

4. Garrett and I started watching the TV show Ramsay's Best Restuarant on Netflix. In the show, Gordon Ramsay (infamous chef who reams people on Kitchen Nightmares) is on the hunt for the best restaurant in Great Britain. Each week there is a theme (Italian, Indian, Chinese...) and two restaurants go head-to-head for a slot in the semi-finals of the show.  The funny thing about how all this is playing out is that we usually watch it around 9:00 at night. And due to having a lot of contractions from 4:00-8:00, I don't eat a lot of dinner. And then I sit and watch these amazing chefs and suddenly I am starving for curry...or roasted garlic...or stir-fry, depending on the episode. It sounds comical, but it's bad. This morning when I asked Garrett if he wanted breakfast, he replied, "Not unless you're fixing kobe beef." And I sincerely wished I was.  =)  But it really is a fun show and gives an interesting look at what it takes to run an excellent restaurant.

5. Last weekend our air conditioner went out. No big deal...except that it was 105 outside. My husband was so good to approach the situation with grace and reality. It's hot. People all over the world are hot. We will do what we can. We can trust God to take care of us. I'm thankful for a level-headed husband, and for an AC that is now back up and running. But more thankful for the husband, and that is saying something.

Congratulations to the new babies that have arrived to our friends this week- Baby Levi here in Omaha and Baby Lucy up in Wisconsin! So happy for both families. Our own little lady is scheduled to make her appearance on August 5- if not sooner. At times we think she is planning an early entrance...but then she psyches us out.  So I'm trying to keep my mind on the August date and not have the "she could come any day" mentality- which is technically true but hard to live in with grace.

Guess that's it. Happy Friday.


Teresa said...

So glad you got your a/c up and running again!

The Weddles said...

Just dropped in to make sure I hadn't missed your little one's arrival! Praying for you on this last stretch of being pregnant.