Thanks to What's New, Cupcake?, the theme of Isaac's birthday party was robots. Instead of basing a cake on the theme, Isaac prefers to base a party on a particular cupcake creation from the aforementioned publication. Last year- race cars. This year- robots. Next year- rubber duckies (or so he has declared so far). The robot theme turned out to be a lot of fun, thanks to the fact that a) it was one of the easiest cupcakes I've done b) Garrett came up with the games that fit the robot theme and c) Grandma had the great idea to use Transformer themed decor. Ah....all coming together. Here's some pics of the big event.


This picture of Isaac studying the cupcakes is classic.  Because he has invested a lot of time reading the cupcake book, he is a tough audience. His first response to me was that the panel on the front was wrong (which was true- I did not purchase all seven kinds of candy but improvised with M &M's and gummy lifesavers.) But after that was out of the way, he gave it a thumbs up.

Let the games begin. In this game the kids were "fishing" for things out of this big tub. It was a hit. "Pretty much the best game of the party," Drew commented later.  


Birthday boy

Grandpa helping out

Time for cake (what a smile!)

Ella needed her picture taken with the cake as well.


Diggin' in


Isaac admiring his new bike (the bike is a funny story. Grandma had been asking Isaac for the last month what he wanted for his birthday. Two weeks ago he saw this bike in Walmart and asked for my phone so he could call grandma. He called her and told her about it while we checked out. Then he hung up, handed me the phone and said, "It's under control." Sheesh...guess he was right!)


Turning into robots- tested the skill of the parents and the patience of the kids!

Grandma with Robo-Ella and my sweet niece, Fiona

Aunt Sarah getting Drew geared up

Our neighbor, Veronica, crafting a shield (The whole robot theme took a slight 'knights in armor' bend as weapons were added)
Cutest robot-that-looks-like-a-knight ever!


And there you have it. Happy kids. Happy times. Happy birthday for our 4-year old.

Two things strike me as I look back at these pics. 1) We sure missed my friend who has been the party photographer for us through the last few birthday seasons. Oh, man. 2) It is such a blessing to be surrounded by people who we enjoy and love. I am thankful for everyone who came to celebrate Isaac. I am thankful that some of our favorite people in the world live right next store and have kids in the same general years as ours. It's so easy to just get used to that and not appreciate it until someone moves away (which we have threatened to sabotage on every level should they ever try to sell their home. Don't worry- the threats are serious but mutual.) 

As I planned the party, I kind of felt bad that we weren't inviting as many people and "doing" as many big things. But you realize that so much of that stuff is for you and not the kids. In the end, Isaac had a ball and the whole thing was much more manageable than if we had gone all out. So let the simple things stay simple.

Party on.


Teresa said...

Oh what fun it is to wrap your kid in aluminum foil!

Lucy said...

You guys have the most creative parties!! I'm going to steal some of the ideas for Elly's upcoming shindig!

Veronica said...

Love this post...It's been a while since I've been on the blog, and it's so nice to see that you write nicely about us! And the feeling is def mutual. Nobody better be moving anytime soon! :)