a pre-baby quick 5

I wrote this quick 5 over a week ago, and then did not post due to internet issues and a suprise trip to the hospital. I debated if I should post it but, what the heck, it's written and ready. So here it is....

It's one of those diasppointing weeks where I go to do the quick 5 and realize that last week's quick 5 is still the most current post. Sheesh.  Not that there aren't a myriad of other things to read on the internet, but you'd think I would have something to say between then and now. But c'est la vie.

1.  Today I took the kids to the playplace at Burger King. This is superior to the outdoor playground experience because 1) it is indoors 2) it has Diet Coke and 3) it is sanitized regularly...in theory, I guess. So there we were on this rainy morning. I started chatting with a grandma who had her two grandkids there. She commented on the fact that I am expecting #4, a rarity these days, as she put it.  Being a mom of five herself, she said she often encourages her daughters that five is really not more work than three- and in fact it makes many character lessons easier. I thought this line of thought was interesting, and comforting, of course, as we stand on the edge of #4 arriving (and still unsure if #4 will be the grand finale...or just one of the middle guys =)! ). "Three kids is the new five," she said.  An interesting take.

2. The kids have taken to talking a lot to the baby in utero. Mostly there is a compelling, "Please come out!" that they say repeatedly. Ella, in her typical two-year old princess way of seeing the world, had a very persuasive argument for why the baby should come out. This week she firmly told my stomach, "Come out and you will get to see me!" Oh, brother...

3. I haven't really read a summer novel this year. I think summer is always a great time to read something big and long that can last through the late light hours. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Les Miserables were both summer reading when I was in college. Is it too late for this summer? Any one have an epic suggestion? I think with late night nursing on the horizon, I may have time yet.

4. Today I was getting some baby gear ready in what was really the final phase of baby prep. I had left my breast pump on the counter and then Drew wandered in. He picked up the pump and was certain it had some sort of gun-like quality to it. "What does it do?" he asked. I tried to tactfully explain, and his face went from confused to understanding to grossed out. Already I am sensing a difference in newborn life with an older boy. A four year old thinks, "Cool...my mom can make milk." Apparently a six year old thinks, "Ew...my mom can make milk." We'll see how all this plays out.

5. There is something about waiting that is so hard for the soul. This is true when waiting for anything, but seems to be very true of waiting for a baby. It's the unexpectedness, the not-knowing-when, the unsure-how-it-will-all-play-out that makes it feel like the days drag by. I was encouraged recently to practice surrender, to remember that the baby's arrival is not the finish line but the beginning of a new journey that will in itself have new challenges. So true. I feel like the wisdom of that perspective has relaxed me and caused me to look less to my doctor for answers and to rest in the knowledge that the Lord knows when she will come. (Consequently, I have told the Lord that if He wants my input this weekend would be very good timing for several reasons. So if you would join me in praying for that, I'd appreciate it!)

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