quick 5

Another week heads to a close and Friday is upon us. Funny how "Friday" has such a different connotation to it when you are a kid...or a student...or working full-time...or anything else that is not basically the same amount of work on the weekend. Still, here's to Fridays!

1. There is still great love for the new baby around here. Isaac in particular continues to be enamored with our little Tessa.  Today he leaned over her carseat, took a big whiff, and sighed, "She smells like cheese." He said it with a smile, as if it was a great compliment.

2. One more week until school starts. Everyone else around here is stoked. I am stressed reticent ("Oh yes, I am reticent!"). That whole idea of getting us all up, dressed, moving and on task in our different areas, not to mention some serious prep and organizing that needs to happen to get ready. I think we are all looking forward to a new routine and some better patterns to our day; so I can get excited about that.

3. Sleepy Tessa continues to live up to her reputation; she dozed through her entire two week check-up today. The doctor literally had to pry her eyes open and shine the light in them! My friend commented that maybe Tessa would have a laid back personality like Drew, and we would have two "book-ends" that were very easy and manageable (with Thing 1 and Thing 2 living it up as our middle kids). Bless her for thinking that. A girl can dream...

4. I've been trying to read in the Psalms lately. I think the Psalms are the perfect postpartum reading- they are so up and down: rejoicing one minute, calling down vengeance the next.  I can relate. I have been struck by this verse, Psalm 107:43:

 "Whoever is wise, let him heed these things and consider the great love of the Lord. "

What would it be like to truly sit and "consider the great love of the Lord"?  In the context of the passage, the author is giving an overview of all of Israel's history, and then that final verse is a challenge to see how God has acted in such love towards them . I think any reflection over the last days and months could be seen in this light- considering how loving and gracious God has been to our little family. I challenge you to look back at the last few months of your life and consider how God's great love has been evident and gracious to spare and guide you.

5. I hate to bring it up. I thought we had survived this whole pregnancy without it. There would be no posts lamenting, no "woe is me" on the subject, just a total absence. But they arrived. Postpartum. Can't blame them for being late, just sorry they showed up at all. That's right- talking about the cankles. I managed to evade any swelling despite the heat and late pregnancy. And then suddenly this week I was making banana bread and I looked down and realized that my ankles were gone. Just gone. No bones sticking out. The cankles had arrived. I have been drinking tons of water, elevating the feet, massaging- but to no avail. I think they are here for a little visit and will not be coaxed away so soon. So I guess we'll see.

Think that's it. Kind of rushing because I want to get ready for bed before the 10:30 feeding. I try to be asleep before the baby is into her bed. Well, not quite that fast, but ASAP once she settles for the night.

Just like to send a shot out to my dad who is in the Far East this week. 

Also- one more shout out to my niece, Miss Fiona, who is now a full-fledged one year old.

And to baby Oliver in CO- welcome to the world!

Guess that's it. TTFN.


Teresa said...

Can't tell you how many times my kids have asked me what day it was over the years. Friday? Tuesday? Sunday? What's the difference?

Loved seeing your dreamy little girl - how about a post on all that hair she's sportin'?

You're doing great - hang in there!

Tawnya said...

So funny Teresa already said it....but I was going to comment too about the day thing ...yes, Friday just doesn't have the same ring to it in this phase:) You're amazing to be posting such coherent thoughts - I suppose that is because it is your gift and you can't help but do it - thanks for the quick 5 - loved it!

scott angelo said...

i just logged on to cheat off your "easy"flower cupcakes you had done! doing a spontaneous party for ellen since she we were on vacation over her b-day. Just wanted to say again how much i am encouraged by your blogs and thoughts. a HUGE congrats on the precious little one! what a darling name. =) praying for you these days. i'm a horrible communicator but i really do think about you. and the kids and i just looked through your last posts and whispered up some prayers for you!