quick 5

Well, the quick 5 has survived another week- and what a week it has been! Back to school around here, which has a whole different connotation when you are a homeschool family. But we survived and learned a few things along the way (one being that my children and I are hopelessly fallen and in need of grace from above and each other!)

On to the five...

1. School days...

 Here's my little crowd all geared up to head to our first day of meeting with our homeschool community,a  Classical Conversations group. It was a bit of a rough start (hurried morning, Ella had different opinions about being in the nursery, I forgot to take any pain meds, etc.) but in the end it came out ok. "I love my school," Drew sighed on the way home. I hope to write more about that community and how it all progresses as we get into it.

2. With the start of the homeschool group (which meets one morning each week), we started doing our actual daily homeschool as well. What words can I use to describe those first few days?  Debacle. Battle of wills. Train wreck. It's been a process of getting back into that routine but today was better and tomorrow will be great! (that's a little positive thinking- even if it's not great, it will be Friday!)

 Ella working on an activity

 Isaac lacing beads

3. Ella's two favorite words:


4. Yesterday we were driving on the highway during rush hour and traffic was pretty congested. I glance at the SUV next to me and this lady is texting away, barely looking at the road. I pointed this out to Garrett, who then HONKED at her! She glanced over, and he gave her a friendly scolding face and shook his finger.  She looked sheepish, kind of laughed, stashed the phone in her purse, and drove off. I was cracking up. Only my husband would actually confront a stranger in the middle of rush hour...

5.  Tessa would like to say this:

Yep, that's still pretty much her deal. Super sleeper. The last two nights she has gone eight hours in the night between feedings, solidifying her status as My Favorite Child (don't tell the others). She has gained a pound per week since leaving the hospital! She eats. She sleeps. She sits still for pictures. What's not to love?

Well- I have to go. Partially because Miss Sleepy Head wants to eat and partially because I just started a good book and really want to finish it tonight. I'm reading Louis Lamour's Last of the Breed- a book exchange score from my friend, Jennie. I've never ready anything by this author before but since last night, I'm a fan. And I may need to finish it tonight, so we'd better wrap this up.

Happy weekend!


rachel said...

how did we talk homeschooling and fail to talk about CC? We're following the CC cycle this year since we (obviously) won't be in a community...argh! Wish I would have known you were a classical gal when we were together - we've only started becoming interested in it during our year in the States, but have jumped in with both feet! So excited for your kiddos to go!

In 1492, Columbus made the first of of four trips...

sticks in your head, huh? =)

Teresa said...

I was thinking earlier this year that we should do a Louis Lamour book for Book Club, especially since I knew Jennie was such a big fan. How fun you are reading one!

Jennie and I also thought The Help might be good read ... at least it sounds like people are enjoying the movie version.

Nicole said...

Oh man... Garrett and I should be in rush hour together protecting lives from those crazy texters!! I always shake a finger at them... even when we're just out walking (and that's an index finger...). :)