welcome tessa

I'm sitting in a cool, dimly lit hospital room with just the sound of pandora playing and the baby sniffing in the background. The baby. Yes, she is here.

Saturday night we made a trip up to Labor and Delivery that resulted in a c-section (which was previously scheduled- once it was decided I was in labor then the pre-op stuff started) and a new baby. The baby. Yes, she is here.

What followed was a foggy day of morphine, low hemoglobin, and a general fuzziness- thus it was agreed that we would not even try to name the baby until Monday. The baby. Yes, she is here.

Tessa Jo.

She seems so small compared to our others, though at 7 lbs. 14 oz, she is a pretty good-sized 37 week old.

Ella calls her "Baby Fessa". Isaac calls her "PJ" (a lingering confusion from when I said he could call her TJ.) Drew calls her just plain, 'ol Tessa.

I thought that in the quiet of tonight I would write and think and expand on this new journey of being a mom again. But now that we are here- you, me, pandora, and my water bottle- I kind of just want to go to sleep. Or turn on the TV. Or order another cinnamon roll.

So I will save those deep thoughts for another night when it is not all so fresh and the percocet not quite so present.

Thank you all for your prayers and congratulations over the last few days. We are so thrilled and grateful to God for the safe arrival of this baby. Tomorrow Tess and I will join the rest of the family at home.

More to come. Good night.


Tawnya said...

Precious post - percocet and all! Have been checking in numerous times to see any news. Love her name and see her fitting into your family well. Will be praying for your recovery Becky. Praising God with you in her safe arrival!

Victoria said...

Yes, welcome Tessa! We are so thrilled at your arrival. Your parents are blessings to everyone they come in contact with, and you are in wonderful hands. We can't wait to watch you grow up! Love, the Kimbles

Jenni said...

We are super excited for you! Glad everyone is healthy. Get some rest!!!

Christy said...

Congratulations!!! Love her name, and she looks so sweet. Praying for a speedy recovery for you!

Lucy said...

SO EXCITED to hear more!!!

Teresa said...

You about couldn't have asked for anything to go more smoothly. Thanking God for his mercy and kindness to you in this new addition. She is so sweet.

K said...

Praise the the goodness of the Lord!!! She is beautiful! You and Garret make good babies :) So happy for you all!

The Weddles said...

love the update! She's beautiful! Congratulations :)

Alicia T said...

Congratulations!! Yay for a healthy baby!!! I love that your little one was 7.14 at 37 weeks and my Esther was 5.15 at 40. ;) Praying for your transition. And sanity as sleep deprivation takes over. =) Blessings!

Riss said...

Can't wait to hear your "deep thoughts" and congrats on the new baby. What a lovely name!