different kinds of happy

Today I cleaned my kitchen counters. They look awesome. Funny how something like awesome kitchen counters makes me feel awesome. It's like the highschool equivalent of buying a new pair of jeans. Makes your whole day better.

Speaking of which, while I was bulldozing the piles on my kitchen counters, I ran across a new Sara Groves song, called Different Kinds of Happy, that is really cool. And her explanation of it is really cool. So if you have a minute, watch the first three minutes of this as Sara explains the song...

And then watch her sing it here- (you can understand the words more clearly on this one)

I feel like there's so much I could say in response to that song. But I won't for now, I'll just let it soak in with you and return to that topic later. But it's true- isn't it? There are different kinds of happy. From new jeans to clear kitchen counters, things and events move us to find joy in new ways as we grow. And in marriage, there is that different happy that comes as you realize you are not just completely loved but you are totally known and still completely loved.

Different kind of happy, indeed.

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Tawnya said...

Love, love, love that album and this is a great song. Yes... for sure...different kinds of happy ....thankful for all!