easy awesome excellent breakfast pizza

Breakfast: It's not just for breakfast any more. At least that's how we feel around these parts. We love to eat hearty breakfast foods but it doesn't fit in our regular breakfast routine. Weekdays there just isn't time for the big to-do. Saturdays should be met by donuts, at least when all is right with the world. Which leaves only Sundays for the big, warm, friendly breakfast- and that doesn't fit with our current Sunday schedule very well. Needless to say, we eat breakfast foods for dinner at least once a week.

I usually don't do recipes and cooking posts for several reasons.

1- all that picture taking is tedious (friends who vacationed with me in college may remember how I feel about needless picture taking...sorry about that).

2- there's a lot of blogs out there that can tell you how to make things. And they are a lot better at it than I am. But no other blog can keep you updated on the daily life of my family, so I feel that is my niche. (no wonder readership is dwindling around here)

3- I'm not an awesome cook. I would say I am a good cook, but not awesome. However, every once in awhile I stumble on a recipe and my husband says,"You should blog this." He made this remark last week when I invented this recipe and so here it is:

 Easy Awesome Excellent Breakfast Pizza

Ingredients (makes one 8x8 pan)

Hashbrown patties- 6 or 7
Eight eggs
Breakfast meat (sausage, bacon, ham...all three!)
Shredded cheese

Serves: 4 normal people; or two teenage boys; or 8 picky toddlers

1. Lay frozen hashbrowns in the bottom of a casserole dish. Cut hashbrowns to fit if necessary. Bake for 30 minutes at 400.

2. Cook breakfast meat if necessary. Drain.

3. Break eggs into a bowl.  Mix with whisk. Salt and pepper, if that's your thing.

4. When hashbrowns are finished, remove from the oven and pour the eggs on top. Sprinkle meat on top.

Cook for 15 minutes at 350. (Depending how firm you like your eggs- I like mine hard scrambled, but if you like yours on the runny side you can pull them out earlier.) Turn off oven and pull out casserole.

5. Throw the cheese on and set it back in the warm oven until cheese melts.

Wham, bam- wow. Your breakfast pizza is ready.

No, really. You don't have to thank me. Oh, stop, you're too much. No, I couldn't accept payment for this recipe. Well, you had me at hello as well. Thank you.

Enjoy =)


Victoria said...

Mmm...sounds amazing. We've taken to eating breakfast on Sunday nights for that reason. Who wants to take the time to make all that fussy food when you're hungry in the morning? So we eat cereal every morning and delicious food like biscuits and gravy, eggs, pancakes, and very soon breakfast pizza, on Sunday nights. :)

Nicole said...

Oh my, this sounds and LOOKS delicious! Thanks for the pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Take that pioneer woman!