neighbor roulette

When you buy a house, there is so much to consider. Size. Condition. Location, location, location. Funny to think that you can scrutinize all the details of the property, but have no control over who lives next door.

Thankfully, we did ok.

It's not just this...

though it makes for lovely s'mores and keeps bugs away.

It's not just this...

though for some reason kids always find the neighbors' playhouse much more interesting than their own.

It's because our kids are just seven peas in a pod...

and us old folks sit around talking about important things like the Hunger Games and fantasy football.

We laugh a lot. And eat a lot.

Sometimes we storm Taco Bell and leave large amounts of taco ingredients under our tables.

Sometimes our kids go to movie night at their house. Sometimes our cat welcomes himself in their house as well.

Mr. "Wuke" as Ella says

Mrs. 'Ronica

Guess you could say, in the always iffy game of neighbor roulette, they we hit the jackpot. ;)

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