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This post is officially the 400th post of this little blog. In honor, I've decided to do a quick 400 instead of a quick 5. Just kidding. We'll stick to 5.

1. Drew, my firstborn who is six, is developing a kind of watchdog personality. I'm not sure if it's his age, personality, or status as firstborn, but he is the constant informant on all suspicious activity.  So there's a lot of sounds like this...
"Mo-om! Ella was chewing during prayer!"

"Mo-om! The cats are on the counter!"

"Mo-om! Isaac has a toy at the table!" 

And my personal favorite... "Mo-om! Tessa is sleeping during her wake time!"

Oh brother. That is a developing trait that I want to squash pronto. I appreciate him being my informant at certain times, but I've got to scale it back as it is over the top.

2. To counter that somewhat negative point about my firstborn's current tendencies, I walked into the living room the other day to find him on the floor with a pile of dinosaur books. Apparently he was looking for specific information, because he opened the right book and declared, "Finally! Alphabetical order!" Thank you, Dinosaur Encyclopedia.

3. We're planning to finish Mockingjay tonight (book three of the Hunger Games trilogy.) The momentum stalled out a bit this week due to return to normal life, and possibly a bit to the fractured relationship between Garrett and the main character. That's right, Katniss has fallen out of favor with my husband due to her emotional instability and inability to be objective in the face of a world war. I told him that's what happens when the book is narrated by a 17 year-old girl. We agreed he should steer away from such books in the future. Planning to finish the book tonight. (On that subject, thanks so much for the affirmation from you readers that we are, in fact, huge nerds. Such encouragement.)

4. On a similar note, I will be glad when we are done with the book. I have a developing theory that reading is like eating, and people have different appetites. When it comes to reading, I prefer to devour it all at once. I don't want to read a chapter a night; I want to skip sleep for one night and just be done with it. Obviously this isnt' extremely practical for this phase of life (but I'm not sleeping a whole lot anyways so...why not?) I guess I'm not sure what the other reading appetites would be- slow and steady? A little bit three times a day? The chronic snacker?

5. We're in the thick of it around here, folks, I'm not gonna lie. Between returning from our trip, trying to catch up on laundry, housework, and homeschool (the beauty of homeschooling is that you move at your own pace, right? That benefit is somewhat lost with the joining of our homeschool community, who plowed on ahead without us. The nerve...), it ain't pretty. I feel like I'm barely staying afloat. I was telling some friends last night that I feel like I'm running hard on a treadmill, and I'm just barely able to keep from being tossed off the back of it. Such a discouraging feeling: to give all your efforts so that you can barely go nowhere. Sheesh. I know that this, too, shall pass. At some point we'll find a rhythm and the baby will sleep more predictably and the two-year old will turn three and this homeschool business won't seem so monumental each day. But in the midst of it we laugh a lot and find that God gives us plenty of grace for each day. So that is us, in a nutshell; just a bunch of nuts, actually.

I guess that is 5. Looking forward to reading with the hubby, Super Duper Family Night tomorrow evening (also known as "Us and Neighbors Storm Taco Bell"), and being with our community on Sunday. This fall weather creeping in is tres fabuloso!

And it's football season. Any football fans out there? I won't tell you what is propped up in our dining room or all you Husker fans would raid the house and burn it. Don't judge- it's complicated.

Guess that's it. See you in the funny papers...

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Stacey said...

Oh, I so feel your last point! This summer I've been writing the material for our ladies' retreat at church, and I've let the housework go to make up the hours at the computer with my little ones. Now I'm trying to play catch up, and the apartment has exploded upon me. We don't have room for explosions. Amongst other very stressful things going on right now, how I wish our home was a haven. I guess, though, that it's not as important as trying to keep up in homeschool, though. :) Thanks for the positive attitude and perspective. Saying a prayer that all goes well!