three reasons to homeschool

1. Drew

When I went in search of the boys at 7:15 this morning, I found them curled up on Drew's bed. Drew was reading Where the Red Fern Grows the Transformers book to Isaac.

2. Isaac

Later in the morning, I found Isaac and Ella hiding under pillows in the living room. Whatcha doing? I asked.

"We're playing Frojan Horse." replied my four year old man.


3. Ella

For our classical education homeschool group, we memorize facts in each subject each week. Ella is not technically a student, but ask her about the pilgrims and she'll tell you...

(In 1620 the pilgrims from Plymouth, England signed the Mayflower Compact before landing in Plymouth, Massachusetts.)

Oh, homeschooling. Not easy. Or always smooth. Or fulfilling every day. But so worth it.

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