a wedding day quick 5

Early morning greetings from beautiful Colorado! We are bunkered down in a two room cabin at beautiful Ponderosa and all geared up for today's wedding festivities. Tessa and I are just enjoying the lovely morning hour of 5:00 a.m., the time of day we prefer to spend our quality time together. Now that she is dozing off, I can't help but do the quick 5. Here we go!

1.  We love road trips. We really do. Even with four kids, 6 and under, I had a great time driving from Omaha to Ponderosa (located just north of Colorado Springs). There are several keys to road trip to success for our family. 1- good snacks. 2- no schedule. Seriously- if I feel pressure to be there by a certain time, I get all wigged out. Instead, we just meander and take our time. 3- make the best of stops. Since Tessa eats every three hours, we stop for about 45 minutes and feed her, do diaper changes and potty breaks, and then Garrett chases the kids around for awhile. They love it. Not only does it expend energy, they get back in the car all breathless and happy. 4- friends who offer you their DVD players. Woah. Awesome. 5- A good book for me to read to Garrett as we travel. Which brings me to...

2. We read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins on the way out here. I'm into it. Like way into it. We actually finished it yesterday and started the sequel, Catching Fire, after bedtime last night. I want to write on and on about the story but I am afraid that I will ruin it if you have not read it and plan to. Because you should (read it, I mean, not just plan to.) Something about the story has been almost addictive, I find it running through my head when I am just sitting around.  Read it, people. (Also you can follow me on twitter under the name "IheartPeeta." Just kidding, though I am considering both Katniss and Peeta as names for future children...that we aren't really planning to have but you never know. Still kidding- about the names, not the kid planning part)

3. I had a moment of postpartum craziness clarity as we prepared for the trip. It was tricky to get ready, particularly because Garrett worked full days and late evenings for the three days before we left. This meant that all pre-trip errands had to be tackled with kids in tow. On Tuesday night, after running to the store and picking up the DVD players from the aforementioned awesome friends, I realized that one of the last things on my list was getting my hair trimmed. What the heck, I thought. I stopped in at our local hair place where Garrett goes, and addressed the lady at the desk. "I know this is crazy, but I'd really like to get my hair cut but I have all my kids with me. Is that ok?" She thought it was an excellent idea. Really, she is the hero of this story, cracking up at how the kids played and laughed and squealed as she trimmed away at my split ends. She was quite patient with Ella who asked every four minutes if she could have a lollipop now. She laughes at ISaac's genius harebrained idea that he could put Ella in a barber chair, pump it fast, and it might launch her up to the ceiling. Fortunately this plan was stopped in the early stages. Twenty minutes after entering, we left. It was nuts. But it worked. I guess the revelation was to not be afraid to try new things with the kids, and to recognize that those new things can be a fun experience (or near disaster) for us all.

4. Yesterday we were chatting with Grandpa Ed (Garrett's grandpa) and Drew asked him how old he is. Grandpa replied he is 78. "Wow, almost a century," remarked Drew. Thankfully, Grandpa Ed thought that was very funny.

5. So today is the wedding day. Garrett's brother, Chad (referred to in our family as C-Diddy) is marrying Jenna and they invited five of their nieces and nephews (ages 6,4,3,2 and 2) to join the wedding. Yesterday's rehearsal went great and will hopefully lead to a smooth wedding debut for our kiddos (yes- my three oldest are all in there). It occurred to us (me and my sister-in-law, Shelbie, who is the mother of the other kids) that we would have our hands full today since our husbands are both in the wedding- and will be attending to their wedding duties at 11:00. Which leaves the two of us to feed,nap, dress, transport, and corral the wedding kids (and we each have a baby), and somewhere in their get ourselves ready- and have us all in place at 2:40! What a day! Our plan includes strategic meal times, early naps, and a lot of fruit snacks at the actual wedding site. Wish us luck!

There is a storm howling outside and my I-man just wandered out. Off to take my station and get this day going. Hope your Labor Day weekend is festive.


Matt & Sarah said...

I told you so on The Hunger Games.....so good! It dawned on me that Drew made his wedding debut 5 years ago today in our wedding. Is he starting a tradition?

Becky said...

Sarah- you were so right about those books. I should have listened to you months ago when you first texted me. Happy Anniversary!

Tawnya said...

Whoa, whoa, and whoa. I will forever think of you and this post when questioning weather I can do something with all of my kids. To the tune of Chicago..... "you're the inspiration!" :) Glad you got your hair cut in!

Sharon said...

I read the hunger games trilogy a while ago and loved them too! I was a bit skeptical before I started them but they are so good! There is a movie series coming out too (of course) and the first one is next year some time. There is already a teaser trailer out for it! Also I fully support naming a child katniss, well one of your children that is!