quick 5

1. The warm weather is hanging around here. I know in a few months I'll be aching for it, but right now- when the leaves are changing and pumpkins popping up in grocery stores- I just want a little bite to the air. But I know this too shall pass. Supposedly we will be in the lower 50's through the weekend.

2. Tessa is smiling a bit now but the only face I manage to catch on camera is this:

 3. Ella and Drew have been playing more together lately. They will sit on the couch together with some sort of science book and Drew will say, "Ella, do you want to read about the octopus or dolphin?" Then he reads aloud and she looks at the pictures. If it takes too long she just turns the page and they start over. So fun.  A few minutes ago I overheard Drew say, "Tell me about the Boston Tea Party," as they review their memory work.

4.  A few weeks back we took a walk, boys on bikes, Tessa in the bjorn carrier, and Ella in the wagon. (One of the things I love about where we live is that we are in walking distance to our good friends and our old house.) We wandered past the yard of our former neighbor (I was going to say 'old neighbor' but he isn't old-just our age. That's not old, right?) He saw Drew pass on the bike...then Isaac on the big wheel...followed by me carrying Tessa and pulling Ella. "Wow, you are still having kids!" What does one really say to that? "Yup," I replied, and we both laughed.

(On a side note, this is also the walk where, halfway up the alley, Tessa performed one of those baby miracles where you swear they spit up WAY more than they even ate. It wasn't a big deal, except that she was positioned in the carrier with her mouth right above the neckline of my shirt. Yep- all down the shirt. Nice one, Tessa.)

5. Did I mention we have a few walnuts around here? So far we've given away six trash bags, filled two wheel barrows, and they are still littering the yard as well as many left yet to fall. Wowsers.

They are annoying, I'm not gonna lie. They plink the car, the kids, the roof. They dye your hands and feet, stain clothes, and smell strange. But the other day as I marvelled at how large the tree is, I began to wonder when it was planted and why. Our house was built in 1926. Maybe planting the tree was a joint venture between the father and kids who first lived here. Maybe it was a gift. Perhaps it was just the cheapest tree. I don't know but it's amazing to think that what was once a sapling with a burlap bag around the bottom is now this sprawling tree that towers above our house, stretching out in many directions and producing hundreds of walnuts each fall.

And that got me to thinking about parenting. I remember reading an article once that compared investing in young lives with growing a tree. Though we wish parenting was more like a vegetable garden (plant, water, see results within a short time), it is truly more like growing a tree. Plant, water, water, water, water, and in time- there will be fruit. But it takes much time and much tending to allow those deep roots to anchor and feed that tree before it can really begin to produce.  And until then, just keep watering! (And eventually, that little tree will make you nuts! Ha!)

Guess that is it for the quick 5. Happiest of Fridays to you, your cat, and your kiddos. May your weekend be full of good times, good friends, and Dr. Pepper.  In fact, I think I'll drink one in your honor right now. Cheers. 


Jamie said...

I have to cheers you back on the Dr. Pepper. I was drinking one as I read your quick 5. So... cheers. Have a fabulous weekend!

Becky said...

Thanks, Jamie!