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The last week of October is wrapping up. I'll spare you the comment about how fast time is flying by. It was an up and down week, with more ups than downs as of late. And now- on to the quick 5!

1. Today I took Ella to get a haircut. She has long been asking when it would be her turn to sit at the hair store, as she refers to it. So when I saw a coupon in the paper for a cheap cut, I thought I'd let her have a turn. She sat like an angel and the stylist constantly commented on how still Ella was. Then the lady asked her how old she was. "I'm two," Ella replied. Then the stylist asked how old her baby sister was. "She's zero," Ella replied. I would post a pic of the new and improved look except...

2. Blogger informed me today that I had reached my storage limit on pictures. So there's a limit? Hmmmm....going to have to figure that one out. This is really too bad because I was trying to load a picture of....

3. Dr. Pepper 10!!!!!. Oh, yeah. Love at first sip. This new genius of a drink tastes like Dr. Pepper but has ten calories per 8 oz. It's really good and it's cheap right now because it's in the promo phase. My highest recommendations, especially to my Dr. Pepper-loving-compadres out in CO (that's you- Jamie and Shelbie). And speaking of Dr. Pepper...

4. This quick 5 kid update is brought to you by a bit too much caffeine from a Dr. Pepper:
  •  Sweet little Tessa Yo (as Ella calls her) will be three months this weekend! I have been genuinely surprised by how unique she is, how she has all these little mannerisms that none of my others did. Things like: the ability to sleep a full night with a pacifier in her mouth, the ability to cry at the top of her lungs with the pacifier in her mouth, the way she grunts when she is tired, her biggest smiles that make her tip her head to the right. So fun and getting so big. Recent discoveries: smiles, ceiling fan, sunshine.
  • Ella is entering new phases in her reasoning and conversation. "Why?" is now the most common thing out of her mouth. Still our little drama queen, she asks for ice packs and band aids at the slightest bumps and bruises. She has become more curious about spiritual things, asking today, "What Dod (God) look like?" and always asking which person in our kids' Bible is 'Dod'. Neat to see that unfolding in her.  Recent discoveries: tights, playing the animal game.
  • Isaac...oh, my passionate Isaac. It's no wonder that in Titus 2, though there is a list of 7 or 8 things that are recommended for teaching younger women, there is one thing listed as needed to teach young men: SELF CONTROL. We have this conversation often, and I think there is some growth in that.
  • Drewsky is still such a big help with chores, the other kids, and life in general. I am trying to get him to read more and have made a shocking discovery: he doesn't like fiction. He will put books in his backpack and trek up to his fort to read- but what books? SCIENCE books. This is difficult on this fiction-lady's-loving-heart. But I guess if that is the battle I'm fighting then we are doing OK.
5. Speaking of science, we have science facts that we memorize for our Classical Conversation group each week. A few weeks back our question was: What are the three types of muscle? Do you know the answer? If not, watch this catchy little video that pretty much cracks us up (you can imagine that the gluteus maximus is quite funny to little people...and their mom.)

Have a great weekend!

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