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Kansas City...Kansas City, here I come! We are heading off on a day trip to go to Chick-fil-a meet up with some good friends in KC! (This friend happens to have a very rocking blog. And so does her daughter.) Yahoo! It will be a crazy day, just the four of us and the seven kiddos under seven. You reach a point when there's so many kids- you just embrace the chaos and cheer, "Bring it on!" That is if you've had any sleep, or enough caffeine to expend all that energy. I digress.

On to the quick 5...

1. My sister-in-law had SNOW days this week. And last week. She lives in beautiful CO.  Snow days is reason # 97 to move to Colorado. (What are the rest of the reasons? Let's see: reasons 1-20 are lots of family who we miss, 21-30 is lots of old friends who have settled there, #31-40 have to do with IKEA, and then there's the Rocky Mountains, Chick-fil-a, so much sports to follow, wildlife, IKEA,etc.)

2. This semester we are learning the 50 states and capitals in our school curriculum. There is a catchy little song that we sing that is helping the memory process. To hear little kids pronounce all those places is a real trip. My particular favorites are "Concord, New Hampster" and "Dover, Ellaware." (Isaac also says "Harrisburg, Pennsyl-isaac"; he thought it was unfair that Ella had a state named after her and he didn't.)

3. I started writing my novel for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrMo). The goal is to write 50,000 words in one month, which means a daily average of 1,667. It is day three and I'm on track, though I have not written for today yet. I'm finding that this writing business is really hard- particularly writing dialogue. The conversations have come out terrible. So I guess all those times I've started a book, rolled my eyes, and announced "I could write a better book than this!" - I was probably wrong. (Consequently, Garrett and I like to come up with terrible titles for the book.  The main plot line has to do with a girl who can smell when people are lying. Some of our best titles so far are: "Whiff or Whiff Out You", "Heaven Scent", "Smell me the Truth," and "Scents You Been Gone". ) My husband has lived up to his promise to do all things possible to help me write and though the actual writing is harder than I thought, I am truly enjoying myself.

4. Speaking of enjoying myself, here's some things or moments that have warmed my heart over the last week.

 DP 10- enough said

The difference between a princess and a diva at age 2: the princess carries a purse to play in the backyard, the diva carries a cheetah print carrying case for her small dog. Oh, no.

 She was SO excited about daddy painting her face green. SO excited.

Tessa Yo as a zebra

 I am officially a calzone-aholic. So yummy. Been cooking up this recipe in the bread machine.

I feel like any day now I'm going to wake up and she won't be a toddler any more. (Sigh)

5. True Story

On Monday night we went to the KROC  (a YMCA-like family center in our neighborhood) for a Halloween party. The kids played games, got candy, did a costume contest, etc. I was flying solo for the first hour because Garrett was tied up in a meeting and coming later, but the neighbors were there to help with the craziness of it all. At one point I was helping Isaac with a game and I glanced up and noticed a stroller. There was a trendy looking lady standing next the stroller. I was curious what her baby's costume might be so I walked up to the stroller and peeked in. The baby was darling and dressed as a zebra. In a costume I had bought. The baby was awfully familiar. Because it was MY STROLLER. Yeah...I know...I'm totally losing it. Sheesh.

So anyways, that's all for today. For all my CO peeps, hope you are staying inside and warm. Unless of course you are going to IKEA, then I hope you are venturing out and having an awesome time. And buying linens. I heart IKEA linens.

Ok, that's all. Good-bye.

P.S. Do you think I should have one of those signatures at the bottom of every post? I have mixed feelings about those.


Teresa said...

If the plotline follows the route she took to have these special powers, you could call it:
Gonna Take a Scentimental Journey


if instead there is a technologically-savvy thread you are weaving, you could choose from:
Revenge of the liePad, liePhone, or liePod


if your heroine (not to be confused with heroin) sustained a substantial injury, you could call it:
How I Broke My Fib-ula and Lived to Smell About It


you could just call it Lie Detector

or not.

Victoria said...

All those reasons for moving to Colorado sound pretty compelling...most noticeably 1)Family, 2)Old Friends and 3)Chick-fil-a. You should probably look into it.