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It's 9:30 and I am already in bed. Thankful there is no pressure to write. Thankful there are guys downstairs so no pressure to get something else done. Just me and the laptop. And Tuck, my cat who has a vision of sitting on my keyboard as I type. It doesn't really work that well, Tuck.

And now, let's start at the very beginning...

1. Last week we loaded up the van and headed out to Colorado to celebrate Thanksgiving (and an early Christmas) with family out there. We did not have the DVD players on this trip, but I am happy to report that we had something even better: a 15-year old girl. Oh yeah, my sis-in-law, Em, trooped out the entire ride between the little guys in the back seat. Several things were awesome: 1- she had gadgets that the boys played with for the first few hours until bedtime. 2- any time someone lost a toy, dropped a pillow, etc. She was there to scoop it up. 3- Tessa's pacifier pops out...Em is there to pop it in. Are you catching this pattern, about how supremely helpful it is to have a teenager amidst the herd in the backseat?  So I decided that what I really wanted for Christmas is a 15-year old girl. Then, on second thought, I realized that if I wait a few (like 12) years I will have several teenagers. And then I fainted. Sheesh.

2.  Once again we tested our theory about the supremacy of the night drive. There are many pros and cons, and I am still conflicted about it in general. The obvious benefit is that the kids sleep most of the trip, thus reducing stops and increasing efficiency. The major downside is that the kids sleep most of the trip and we do not, thus creating rested kids who are raring to go just two hours after we settled into sleep at the cabin. I think it's back to the drawing board on that one...

3. Yes, we stayed in a cabin. The last few times we've visited the grandparents (who live and work at Ponderosa) we've stayed in the same two bedroom cabin. Ella continually referred to the cabin as "our cabinet", which lead to some funny statements, such as "I hope we sleep in the cabinet", "I left my baby in the cabinet", and "They can come play with us in our cabinet." (At one point we walked in the door from being gone several hours and Isaac sighed, "It's good to be home!" Guess they settled in pretty fast!)

4. Last night I went to Village Inn to make the final push on writing for the month. This seemed like a good idea, except that it was free pie night so the place was busy and loud. And there was no table with an outlet to plug in my laptop. And right when I hit my groove, an entire high school youth group filled all the tables surrounding me. As I packed up to go, my chatty waitress asked if I was writing a paper. I replied, "No, I'm working on a novel, actually." This she misunderstood as "I'm publishing a novel" because she immediately started to talk to me as if I was a real author instead of someone with delusions of grandeur who just enjoys trying to write. It was comical. All of it, really. But it did include apple pie, so it was certainly not a waste of time.

5.  A few weeks ago we met up with some old friends for a catch-up day. It was good to just be together, even if 'together 'at this point is walking the zoo, stopping to feed babies, frequent snack and potty breaks, and a total dinner meltdown to end the day. Here are some shots!

 Enjoying the fall day

Cool polar bear exhibit


Nicole and baby Judah

Lucy and Drew

Notice the stylish hair decor of the little ladies (handmade by Nicole- crazy cute!!!)

(I've noticed that my picture taking abilities have really diminished since Tessa's arrival. But such is life. I'll try to post some from Thanksgiving and the Cousin Extravaganza!)

And that is that. We've got the tree up (but not decorated. On a side note, do you think I'm crazy that I really like the way my Christmas tree looks without any decorations? It's kind of simple, and energy efficient, and a lot easier to clean up, and way less of a big deal when the cats knock it over and...)

Here's to a purposeful weekend with the people who matter most!

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