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Welcome to the last quick 5 of the year! I've been pondering resolutions, a playroom overhaul, and a post on immigration (random, I know). But as for now- let's talk 5.

1. Ella. My Ella. She is two. She thinks she's thirty. She likes to crawl in bed with me in the early morning so we can chat about all her favorite things: the Hulk, Tangled, where daddy took her in the blue car, Colorado, etc. She wears a scarf. She doesn't like milk,  bread or chocolate. She is always talking. She calls me "Becky". I repeat, she is two.

Today her dad left on a four day trip. These absences result in what I like to call the War of the Wills. It's her strong will vs. my attempting-to-be-stronger will. We had Round 1 this afternoon. Mom-1. Ella-0.

Ella: what Hemingway was referring to when he said that man "can be destroyed but not defeated"

Then we had Round 2 at bedtime. That brings today's final score to: Mom-1. Ella-1.

2. Today marks ten years since Garrett and I got engaged. At one point in the proposal scene I uttered those famous words, "Get up or I will slap you." You see my future husband thought it was funny to pretend like he was going to propose on numerous occasions. At one year of dating, he bent down on one knee to give me a gift he had brought back from Italy (a necklace). At 15 months, he bent down on one knee to pull something out of his back pocket and present...a moist towelette. So you can imagine that by this point (18 months) I was tired of joking about it. And since we had agreed that we would not even talk engagement until the following summer, I assumed he was joking yet again. But my future husband is a free spirit and does not like to be confined by decisions made in groups...or by others...or by himself if he has since changed his mind and now sees differently. So he popped the question. I threatened to slap him. And then we were engaged to be married.

(Some sweet friends of ours celebrated their anniversary this week and you can read about it here. We especially celebrate their great marriage as we plan for our firstborns to marry.  Both our second borns are kind of wild so I'm not sure how that would work out. But it's already in the works, folks...)

3. This afternoon we had the neighbor kiddos over to watch a movie. Do you think it seems unreasonable for six kids (ages 2-8) to consume 8 bags of microwave popcorn? The Red Bull must have spiked their appetites. (Just kidding- about the Red Bull but not about the # of bags! I just kept making it and refilling bowls until I went to change the trash and saw all the bags. Sheesh.)

4. There's a new term around our house. On Gift of the Night Fury (a short Christmas episode from the much loved characters of How To Train Your Dragon) Astrid comes up with a new holiday beverage called yak nog.  It is creamy, thick, lumpy, and so utterly disgusting that everyone who attempts to drink it simply can not. After watching this little episode, we were sitting together and Tessa, in true baby fashion, spit up all over. "Yak nog," declared Drew. So now if someone happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and on the receiving end of baby spit up, we all proclaim that he/she was "Yak nogged."

5. Isaac has been lamenting lately that he will never be as old as Drew. "I want to be six!" he wails.

"You will be...someday." I console.

"But when I am six, Drew will be older than six!" he laments.

"Here, have a cookie." I reply. Not really, I just don't have any good way to help him get over this. He has been in tears about it several times in the last week. I try to point out that he is older than Ella and Tessa. I try to encourage him to think about what he is and not what he isn't. I have even tried the "Just deal with it, kid" approach. Nothing seems to be working. Have you ever dealt with that in your siblings or kids? Any suggestions? With Drew's birthday in a few weeks, Isaac is already thinking about how Drew will just get even older.

Speaking of Drew's birthday, I mentioned to Drew that we could start planning his birthday. "Bring me the laptop and a notepad," he replied. Sheesh.

Well, that's about all from our neck of the woods. We had a lovely Christmas and look forward to a quiet New Year's.

Resolutions, anyone???? More on that soon.

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Teresa said...

Being that I was the latest target of Tessa's yak-nogging, I must reply that it was great to see you today!

(Minus the yak-nog, of course)