quick 5

I would like to subtitle this quick 5 "Moments of Motherhood." Let's face it- I am knee deep  chin deep up to my eyeballs in mom stuff right now. I know it's a particular season with a couple of little ones that need a lot from me. So in celebration of this season- here are five moments from my last week.

 1. Today was quite a day. This morning, in efforts to fight off a not-so-great night's sleep, I made myself a large coffee. It was perfect. I had two drinks of it and then it got spilled all over the kitchen floor. (And you know how liquids multiply when they are spilled, like how a small glass of milk can cover your table? I was basically wading in coffee...which was rich in creamer.) Later in the day I gave all my kids haircuts. (this is not related to the first event but will help you understand my delicate frame of mind for the final event.) It was my first time actually attempting to cut my boys' hair without the clippers- like a real, deal ,little boy cut. <Deep breath> Then at 5:00 I was trying to quickly feed Tessa a whole bowl of freshly mashed banana, when I dropped the whole bowl and it landed upside down. I screamed again and fell to the floor, trying to salvage something left in the bowl.

"What is wrong with me today?" I cried in frustration.

"Well, I think-" began the six-year old.

"Don't answer that," I interrupted.

"OK," he agreed, "cause you probably weren't gonna like what I was gonna say."


2. At our school group on Tuesday, Isaac and his classmates had colored pictures of lions. Having finished the lesson of drawing the lion, they were all adding to their picture something that the lion would eat.

Simon's mom: What are you drawing, Kate?

Little-girl-who-draws-better-than-me: A chicken.

Simon's mom: What are you drawing for the lion's food, Kayla?Little-girl-who-sits-so-quietly: A zebra.

Simon's mom: What is your lion eating, Isaac?

My son: A clown.

Thank you, Deep in the Jungle by Dan Yaccarino.

(And I wonder why we aren't invited to more play dates...)

3. I was driving in the car last week and saw this bumper sticker:

There you have it. Too bad Victoria Secret won't buy into that idea and just roll with it.

4. Sometimes I think about the particular challenges of parenting in any given era. I wonder what it would have been like to try to teach your children about human dignity and worth if you lived in a society where slavery was prevalent. I wonder how the lesson of "we need not fear for God is with us" would have gone over as you were preparing a bomb shelter in your cellar. I guess each era has its own challenges of helping children to live in the light and for the kingdom.

 A few days ago I was reading a blog that linked to a book. I clicked on the link, read the summary, bought the book, and then started reading it. It occurred to me that my kids may only know a world where books just appear when you want them. Two things struck me: How do I teach my children patience when everything is so instantly available to them? How do I teach my children wisdom when so many ideas and opportunities are accessible? Patience and wisdom, indeed.

5. I saw this at the store this week:

I know that at some point in my past this would have been appealing. I might have even been tempted to crack it open and see what the secret was for "Doing it all". But life has changed, and me with it. I saw the planner and literally said out loud, "Don't do it all. Pick just a fraction of it and do that well." Isn't that the truth? Why do we live under some kind of delusion that we can have it all? Do we really think that will bring us life?

It kind of reminds me of the logo on our local newspaper's feature site for moms- momaha.com.

The first (and only? maybe I've returned once or twice) time I went to that website and saw that lady I was turned off. I do feel like her, I feel like I'm trying to do too many things at once. And guess what happens? I spill my coffee and the bowl of bananas. But I don't want to be her, don't want to feel like I need some sort of genetic mutation that gives me more arms and more energy and more hours in the day to fulfill the task at hand.

I know- I'm reading into it too much. The point of the picture is that moms fill a lot of roles. But I don't want to be all things to all people. I don't want to wear thirty hats. I want to find my center, be more myself, slow life down and really live it well. Why can't we let those aspirations bring us together? I don't want my life to be busy, I want it to be full of life.

I guess that is all. I feel like this 5 didn't stay on the light side very well. I really am doing well- just feeling the weight of what I carry and wanting to carry it with grace.

So here's to you, and whatever things are haunting your mind and poking you to live life with more purpose and vision. Those things are good for us.

Best of weekends to you!


jennismith21 said...

Thank you - So good to be regularly reminded to pick a fraction of what is out there to be about as a mom and do that small portion well. Simple, but I do not easily stay in that place. I need reminders. A lot. And I need to be reminded to just pray into it. God will show clearly what He wants us to be about and give us the grace to do it. I'm not entirely sure I have the grace necessary in me to do things I'm not called to do. Not totally sure if that's theologically correct bit you get what I mean...

rachel said...

I can totally relate to the mom-stuff you described! While josh was gone this week, I lost my wallet, dealt with an electrical short in our bathroom, cleaned up an entire can of spilled paint (thank you abby!), cleaned up a bed full of poo (thank you, silas!) and a host of other mini-crises that seemed to come from nowhere.

I also really agree with the idea that we just can't be it all - nor were we designed to be it all! I've been going through a study with some local ladies from Carolyn Mahaney's book Feminine Appeal, and one thing really struck me from this week: I wasn't created to be my childrens mother, I was created to be my husband's helper. Thinking through my life and my to-do list with that in mind has really helped me whittle away at things that I'd LIKE to do, but are in that category of "sometimes you've just gotta say no."

I always love reading your thoughts on these such issues; I find that we share much of the same perspective (shocking, I know!) but hearing you verbalize it encourages me to think more deeply about the issues. I tend to just power forward with little time or thought for reflection.

Wishing you a happy momstuffweek filled with joy in Christ! =)