quick 5

I would like to kick off this quick five with an original poem:

A Haiku for Friday

Just another day
That ends another week, still
I deserve a donut

1. So a few years back we were watching The Blind Side with some friends (two other couples.) There is a scene where Sandra Bullock is showing their friend his new room. And suddenly I screamed. Everyone jumped and looked at me in shock as I yelled, "Oh my gosh, that wall color is amazing!" And then they looked at me in confusion. And then they moved on.  I was still stuck on that color- I wondered what it was called. Where it was from. What color was the trim. Why on earth have I never had a room with plantation shutters.

Yep, that's the one. It looks better in the movie, trust me. But imagine how it looks in person.

On a totally-related-side-note-that-is-relevant-to-the-point-of-this-story, my friend, Teresa, had a similar experience while watching 24. Jack Bauer was being Jack Bauer, doing his Jack Bauer thing that can only be described as... Jack Bauer (OK- so I've never actually watched 24 so it's difficult to write this part! Just roll with it.) Anyways, he's about to save the world and is sneaking into a patio when my friend, Teresa, starts screaming about the patio furniture. (Apparently it was some awesome patio furniture, though I could not seem to find a picture.) Oh yeah, one of those moments where the story is suspended for love of the set. It just happens, you know?

Anyways, to wrap up this  very long and rambling point #1, I saw a post this week where someone had one of those "Oh my goodness!" moments about the living room set of the new Twilight. And it brought back these two memories and so I thought I'd share.

Moving on...

2. I pulled out my novel last week. I haven't looked at it since midnight on the last day of November. I was reading my last chapter when I started to get really into it. (During the final hour of NaNoWrMo, I was so frenzied that I actually couldn't remember what I wrote near the end.) As I read, I started to  lean in, to get sucked into a plot twist that I don't even remember writing. A chapter ended with the words "...and then she screamed." Then I said aloud, "Aaaah! What happened next???" Then I scrolled down and realized that was the end of it, I had to create whatever happened next. And I was disappointed. Do I have to do everything around here? I mean, seriously.

3. At our homeschool class on Tuesday, Drew was captain of his team for the review. Excited about this position, he skipped to sit at the front of his team, and then turned to the team captain of the other team. He then held up two fingers, pointed at his eyes, and pointed at her.

Yep. Just like this.

No, my six year old has not seen any of the Meet the Parents movies.  Thankfully, his tutor thought it was hysterical. And the other team captain (who is the only girl in the whole group) probably thinks he has a crush on her.

I don't know where he got that. Sheesh.

4. My firstborn (also the character I mentioned in #3) will be seven in less than two weeks. We are gearing up for a PAR-TAY. Oh, yeah. This is going to be a big one, people. I cannot yet disclose the details but I will let you in on a little something that came in the mail today...


Yep, my boy is in serious party planning mode.

May the force be with us.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to mention that I am all about ordering cupcake decor on ebay. I paid six dollars (free shipping) for 12 of these rings and 12 mini light sabers which shall adorn the top of simply frosted cupcakes. And it's settled. I do love to decorate cakes, but tis NOT the season, if you know what I mean.

5. I would like to close with another original haiku:

To Facebook
How did I just spend
One hour and only learn that
A former friend naps.

I guess that is all from our 'hood. Special kudos to you ladies (Jenni & Rachel) who had the early morning comments last week. Thanks! Comments are truly the Dr. Pepper of the blogging world. And you can quote me on that.

And speaking of early mornings, my own little early bird is waking earlier and earlier. So I will sign off.

The early bird around here

 Have a good one!


Uncle J said...

Think I may be responsible for Drew and the eye gesture...I give it to the boys when we wrestle.....

Teresa said...

The funny part was that it was an extremely tense moment in the movie (guns were about to blaze, Bauer was about to yell at somebody...) and I thumped my husband in the chest with sheer delight at the patio furniture -- scaring him half to death!

Teresa said...

And by the way, I think we all deserve a donut if we make it to Friday.