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Sitting in the kitchen enjoying the whir of the dishwasher. Is that a new level of domesticity, when you actually enjoy the whir of the dishwasher? Oh, well, "It be what it are." That's pirate talk for "It is what it is."

On to the five...

1. The Star Wars party came, along with 8 inches of snow that day. We pressed on and had a really nice time, thanks to people that trekked through the snow and the fact that many of the folks we love live in walking distance. The only disappointment of the party is the pictures- not so great. In preparation for the party, it was declared that the boys would watch through the Star Wars movies with Garrett. (I was not in on the plan mainly because for them to watch it I was usually with the girls).  One evening I happened to be in the room when they were finishing up Revenge of the Sith. (I have actually never seen all the movies and may have actually fallen asleep during one or two when we were dating. Yes, I am actually that lame. And yes, I do know that I use the word actually way too much.)

So-it was all new to me. I was supposed to be getting ready to leave but was totally captivated by the battle between Anakin and Obi Wan. At the end of that scene, Padme had the babyies.

"No way! It is twins?!" I cried.

"You're joking, right?" my husband said.


2. In geography this week we were talking about the Rio Grande River which inevitably lead me to have the song "Lonesome Dove" stuck in my head. ("Back to back with the Rio Grande, a Christian woman in the devil's land..." Any Garth Brooks fans out there? It was a phase in high school- don't judge.) My kids were not appreciating the fact that I was belting that out for them every day. Anyways, I heard the song "Stuck Like Glue" on Pandora, and no more Lonesome Dove. Unfortunately, the new song is literally stuck like glue in my head. I just can't stop it from playing in my mind. It's bad, so bad that when it came on my Pandora station again, Ella yelled, "Mom! Your song is on!"

3. I started reading an e-book called, Scary Hope. You can download it for free, or read the contents of it on this blog.  It has been interesting to read through, though I am only a few days into it. It makes you think about the things you might do or attempt or be if you weren't afraid. Afraid of what, you ask? Change and expectations and failure and a lot of other things that keep us from moving outside of the comfortable rut that we call "life as we know it". It's really good, and really easy to read in bite-size little pieces.

Scary Hope

4. Lately we have been reading about the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. It has worked out nicely that we just happened here in the Bible right as we begin to prepare for Easter. As I read the story through my kids' eyes, several things stood out to me, but mainly the absence of resentment in Christ's interactions with people. He knew that people would betray Him. He was with them before, during, and even after the betrayal. But those cutting words of bitterness, those pointed remarks that remind people that they have wronged you, there is nothing of that in His words or actions or disposition to those who truly left Him during the greatest hour of need.

I have been pondering that because, I am discovering as I get older, I have a tendency to hold on to things that have hurt me. Though I claim to have forgiven them, when I am all alone I will take out those offenses and revisit them, like Gollum hiding in a cave and stroking the Ring of Power. This has been increasingly apparent to me over the years as Garrett and I talk about a situation and I say, "Don't you remember when he said ______?" or "Don't you remember how they did ________________?" His reply is usually, "Really? I don't remember that at all." Then I usually feel irritated that I am all alone in my pain. But now I am realizing that I don't have to be alone in that memory; I could just choose to let it go altogether. That is a powerful choice, indeed. Choosing to deny resentment doesn't negate the pain of what happened; it simply takes away the power for it to continue causing pain.

I'm headed that way, I think. I hope. Scary hope. (See #3)

5.  I think we have successfully navigated the breaking of the swaddle wrap addiction around here. Truth be told, she doesn't sleep as well without it. But, "It be what it are."

Is there anyone out there whose favorite food is not pizza? Gosh, I love pizza. We had some for dinner and I was just thinking that I wish I had more. Grilling Pizza Season is quickly approaching, people. Read up. Prep up. Grill it. Invite us over. That's it. Best stuff on earth. I'm just sayin'.

I am working on writing up a pitch (a short blurb- similar to the back cover of a book) to enter my novel for Pitchapalooza (a contest for NaNoWriMo participants). I am hoping to have a few done and float them on here for your input next week. So check back and be honest! (not like brutally honest, like delicately honest- ok? Can we all agree on that?)

So how's everyone coming on Les Mis? You should be fairly well into the life of the Bishop by now, am I right???? Alright, speaking of honest, raise your hand if you are actually reading it with me. <Crickets chirping> That's what I thought. Ah, well.

Guess that's all for today. May Friday find you full of grace and life and pizza.

So say we all.


Ruth said...

I'm in chapter 3. But I must admit that was were I stopped on the initial read and I have not been back. But I will get there!

Uncle J said...

"She learned the language and she learned to fight, but she never learned how to beat the lonely night.....in Lonesome Dove." Straight from memory! heres hoping you dont study Baton Rouge!!!!!

Becky said...

We did study Baton Rouge last semester!

"Operator won't you put me on through gotta send my love down to Baton Rouge..."

Victoria said...

I just picked up my copy of Les Mis from the library. Wow. That's a big book.

I'll do my best. :)

Teresa said...

You evidently must have slept through one of Hollywood's all-time quotable quotes:
"Luke, I am your father."