quick 5

Well hello there, Friday. Good to see you again.

1. I feel like this is gonna be a stretch tonight. Some days I have lots to say and other days...not so much. And tonight would be the latter.

(Yes- I am counting that reality as one point. Just go with it.)

2. This week we were performing that chaotic-ritual-that-is-giving-me-more-gray-hairs-than-living-with-teens that some may call "getting in the car". In theory, Ella is supposed to get in her car seat and put her arms in her straps, and then Drew finishes buckling her. In theory, this will help the process along and make for a smooth and happy transition as we exit the home. In theory, it is genius. Some times I wish I lived "in theory". In reality, Ella has views about whom shall buckle her (similar to "The Marches have views on slavery" if you know what I mean- not views like ideas, views like firmly held convictions). In her world, Mom buckles her. Period.

How do you like that big introduction to this story? Are you on the edge of your seat? Are you skimming to figure out if this story has any point? It does.

On Tuesday, we were all piling into the car, Ella got up into her chair, and Drew went to buckle her in. Ella (2!) put her hand up in front of his face and firmly said, "I don't think so, son."


3. Speaking of gray hairs (yes, I was speaking of it earlier but you may have missed it- that's teach you to skim!), I have quite a few. Back in the day, I used to imagine that when my hair went gray I would just let it. I mean, I don't really care if people see it and know (gasp!) that I am aging. Yep, I am. The secret's out. I had this lovely belief that my hair would gray (well, really I thought more of a silver) and then I would have like salt and pepper hair- the black & silver. And it would rock. I still think it could rock, I'm just unsure if I want to rock it at 30. Seems a bit soon- am I right?????

Sheesh again.

4.  We are venturing into new waters: audio books. Oh I know- where have I been and why has it taken me so long? Better late than never. I found in my early attempts at listening to books that all audio books are not created equal- and many just should not have been created at all. Seriously. Don't let the author read it- they get paid to write- not read. That has always been my personal opinion. (It also doesn't help that I am not an audio learner at all- so for me to listen to an audio book I basically have to close my eyes and really listen. ) Last week the kids listened to five Magic Tree House books which they loved (and which were read by the author who did a great job and shattered all my previous stereotypes about authors' abilities to read aloud). So this week we grabbed a few more during our epic library trip. We haven't started the Little House on the Prairie series so I can't attest to the quality of it, but I can give two thumbs up to this one.....

The Cat in the Hat and Other Dr. Seuss Favorites

These are great. Kelsey Grammar reads The Cat in the Hat. Dustin Hoffman reads Horton Hears a Who. Walter Mathau reads The Grinch.  And Billy Crystal does such an amazing job with Horton Hatches the Egg that you would really think it was a full cast reading it and not one person doing all the voices. Two thumbs up!

5. Did you watch the Grammy Awards? I didn't, but I did see the clip of Adele singing Rolling in the Deep, thus resulting in the song stuck in my head this week. Then a few nights later I had a dream that I was at a karaoke bar and someone was standing up to sing that song. I was at the back screaming, "No! Don't do it! You cannot do this song!"  I don't know why. Apparently my subconscious self feels strongly about that particular song not being sung poorly.  Who knew.

Well, I guess that is all for tonight. So glad to have my husband back home as we head into the weekend. Hope your weekend has some quiet hours to pass.



Teresa said...

Cherry Jones does a wonderful job with LHOTP. Those are great. We're a little past The Cat in the Hat, but with Dr. Seuss's birthday in a couple of weeks, maybe we will check out those you reviewed -they sound great.

Audio books have been a huge staple in our household for years, and the kids learn TONS of stuff when it doesn't even look like they are listening. Can't say enough good things about them.

Alicia T said...

I LOVE Ella's response. I'm trying to figure out the car ritual as well since I can barely reach my oldest in the back row. The bottom buckle requires great strength and only I can do it.