walking to the tune of tuesday

It's Tuesday night around here. That in itself is noteworthy, I think. You see, Tuesdays are a big day for us. We get all cleaned up (picture me, licking my thumb and scrubbing my childrens' faces) and go to our homeschool group. There is something about all of us getting up and dressed and racing out the door that sort of makes me feel like a vampire just heading out into broad daylight: the very core of me screams, "Run back in! It's only 8:30 in the morning. You haven't had enough coffee to appear in public!" But alas, we go. We are late, but we do go.

I've realized lately that motherhood is much more pleasant when you resign yourself to the realities of your life and just embrace them. I do this by actually greeting them aloud.

"Well, hello, bathroom floor sprinkled with water. At least I hope you are water."

"This must be my living room, because it looks llike five bionicles had a wrestling match...to the death."

"Oh, laundry. You are my constant friend. You will never leave me, will you?"

And our Tuesday morning greeting...

"Ah, twenty minutes late. We are so deliciously consistent."

Ok, so I don't really say 'delicously', that was showing off a little. But I have come to terms with the fact that we will always leave after my 8:30 deadline. I keep getting up earlier and earlier thinking that will somehow help us get out the door on time. But I just refuse to set the alarm before 6:00; and I'm pretty sure it ain't the wake up time that is doing it.

So there you have it.

We've been having so many good things happen around here, and I'm not sure where to start. I'll try to give you an uber-summary:
  • I started reading this book, 7: An Experimental Mutiny against Excess by Jen Hatmaker.  I won't even try to summarize it for you; it's one of those experiences where what it is actually about and what it is stirring in me are different things. It is doing good things all around. So read it.
  • I've been challenged by the thought of striving for simplicity not for ourselves (though my life would be much better without the heap of coats in our laundry room. How many children live here? Why are there 14 coats?) but living in a simple way because of how it would free my heart, time, and money to serve the kingdom. I was struck by this thought from Tiny Twig "to live simply so that others can simply live." Suddenly I look around my house and realize how indulgent we are. I know we aren't rich, and by many standards we live fairly simply. But what if we stopped measuring wealth against those who have more and lived in the reality of those who have less?
  • This lead to an awesome discussion with our kids about seeking the kingdom. Seriously, all I can say is it was awesome. Their little hearts responded so generously as they all offered what they had- Isaac his toys, Ella her dresses, and Drew his schemes and dreams- to benefit those with less.
  • This discussion lead to a concerted effort to fill a coin jar and send money with our friend who is headed out to Africa at the end of the week.
  • That discussion lead to talking and researching about malaria, a disease (that is preventable and curable) that causes the death of 2,000 children every day. As we watched a video and learned more about it, Drew responded, "We have to get more money." So he called people and told them about it and asked them to chip in. And so the coin jar is slowly filling and will be converted to cash and sent to Mali this weekend.
  • Ella keeps spontaneously yelling, "Seek the kingdom!" like it is a war cry. I love it. I hand her a blue tootsie pop whenever she does it, and she just keeps at it. (kidding about the tootsie pop ;) )
  • <change of subject> I came to a crisis point about writing. For a few weeks I tried to write one night a week and it just didn't work. I didn't really think about the story very much in between, because it was hard to think about it when I wasn't really going to write for awhile. Then when I did sit down to right, I felt so removed from the story. This lead me to the conclusion that this novel is not going to make it on once a week, mainly because I just lose my train of thought. This lead me to scrutinize if this is really the time in my life to be attempting said novel. And this lead to me consider if this was a selfish ambition that is competing with and not complementing the best things in my life. And this lead to a good discussion with my husband who told me to just shut up and write. Just kidding- he didn't say that. He said a lot of really encouraging things, summed up in the idea that, for me, writing is a really good thing. And sometimes you have to fight for really good things (like marriage and obedience and authenticity). He is so willing to be part of this process and do whatever it takes for me to not chicken out on this venture. So now we have it on the schedule for me to write two times a week for three hours each! Excited to try that and see how it goes. Sometimes I wonder if I find excuses not to write simply because it's kind of scary to attempt something that may consume a lot of time and not be good. In the truest of realities, I know that I would much rather try and try and then not finish the novel than try and try and actually finish a novel that is just bad.
  • Do you have anything in your life that is like that? Something that you would attempt or do attempt but fear it may not be all that you want it to be?
  • Let's face it, these bullet points are out of control.
  • This morning Ella cheered for me when I handed her some socks, "Wow, mommy! These socks match!" Yes- that is the reality around here. My kids cheer when I actually hand them socks that are the same color. Can you sense the state of things? Sheesh.
  • I have to go. What I failed to mention earlier is that this is actually one of the aforementioned blocks of time when I should be writing that other thing. I just really wanted to post on here and get some of these thoughts out, but I gotta go.
Catch you Friday. 


Riss said...

I like how honest you're being about the normalness of the imperfectly perfect life with your family. The book you mentioned sounds very good...I'd love more details. :)

Nicole @ she-laughs said...

The thought of simplicity has been on my mind a lot lately as well... the whole "Why are there 14 coats here??" question is one I often ask, or when I open a child's drawer and there are 25 pairs of pants when she only wears dresses. :) I wish we lived next door to each other.

MIss you guys!! And LOOOOOOOOVE you.