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Hello there, Friday. Nice to see you again. (And you, too- quick 5 reader. Good to see you again, too.)

I was thinking this week that it had been a long time since I posted pics of the kids. I imagined you (the reader, not you- Friday) sitting at your house wondering how my kids are doing. Are they getting tall? Any recent haircuts? Stitches? Painting? Quotes? Composing symphonies? Playing the harp? College prep progress? (OK- you're gonna have to give me a minute while I  buck up under all of your expectations. Sheesh. Deep breath...) So I thought maybe some kids pics and tales would be in order.

1. On Monday Drew came tearing into the kitchen yelling, "Mom! You have to come out here and see Ella." Instantly my mind thought one word: stitches. I ran out behind Drew and found my little lady sitting proudly on the swing. 

Drew continued yelling, "Ella got on the swing all by herself! And she is pumping!" She was moving about three inches in each direction as she swung her feet back and forth.

Then Isaac chimed in, "Go, Ella! Go, Ella!

It was such a sweet moment. Ella's genuine sense of accomplishment. The boys so thrilled for her and celebrating this little step. No stitches. 
 Love those bugs. 

2. For school each day I make the kids little check lists (I think I've mentioned this before). Sometimes I will put 'geography' on the list for the boys. This involves them building a large puzzle of the United States and then taking turns telling each other where to place their little monsters.

"Isaac, take Spiderman to Lake Superior."

"Drew, take Inferno to Juneau, Alaska."

Cracks me up. Today Ella got in on the fun. 

3. Last week we said goodbye to the infant seat. It's a win/lose kind of thing. The win is not hauling that thing around with the 20 pound baby in it. The lose is the fact that I always have to wake Tessa when we arrive somewhere, and then figure out where to put her! 

Here is her first trip to Walmart without it:

4:30 catnap- apparently it is not optional


At lunch today...

Ella: Daddy, I have a secret!
Garrett: You do?
Ella: I have a secret.
Garrett: Good for you.
Ella: I'm going to tell you my secret.
Garrett: No, if you tell me then you won't have a secret any more.
Ella: Oh that's OK. I can just get another one!

 She is a character. I snapped this shot of her out of the bath tub tonight. She is growing up so fast; almost feels like she grows up a little faster than the boys because she is always trying to be old like them. She says things like, "When I sixteen, daddy teach me to drive and I gonna have a Tangled car and I will drive you to the store." She also often says, "When I get big I get married. That's fun!" Oh, it is, Ella, it is. 

5. Here are a few other random thoughts of my week (in no particular order):

  1. Diet update: I've lost six pounds due to cutting carbs, decreasing portions, and cutting out the bedtime snack. 
  2. I don't understand why the local news proclaims "Now available in HD!" Who would really want to watch the local news in HD?
  3. I discovered the coffee mug brownie. Anticipating #1 to become more difficult. 
  4. Hunger Games Movie comes out in 22 days. Just sayin...
  5. I watched "Portlandia" for the first time. I'm not linking to it because, honestly, I wouldn't recommend it. However, there was a funny line in the intro when one character is convincing the other character why they should move to Portland. "Portland! Where young people go to retire!"
  6. I entered a pitch contest for participants in NaNoWrMo. If I am randomly selected from the other gazillion people that entered, my book summary will be online for people to read and vote. If this should happen, I will be leaning heavily on my social media presence (which is basically this blog. So be prepared to carry your weight, folks.) I'll keep you posted on that.
  7. Watching the Oscars makes me feel like I'm in the Hunger Games and we live in District 1. Sheesh. 

 One last smile for the road...
Have a great weekend!


Uncle Josh said...

I wouldn't be shocked if you got selected! So proud of you!

Teresa said...

Love Monster Geography and all the pics!