quick 5

Well, hello there. 

Fancy meeting you here. You come here often?

Me? Oh, just on Fridays mostly. 

1. Sometimes the pace of life catches up with you in funny ways that make you feel like you don't want to be you anymore. I'm not usually one to dread mornings; in fact, I like to lay in bed awake and just drink them in. But lately I've had the feeling of wanting to pull the covers over my head and call in sick. A few years back I would have experienced that and thought I was a terrible mom, wife, person. Now I experience that and realize this is my subconscious saying to me, "Hey, you! You there, with the busy thing going on. Could you sit still a few days so we can process things in here a little?" My soul needs a breather. My kids need to just be home. My laundry needs due attention. These are the things I have been thinking this week. So after a chat with the hubs, we are declaring next week SLOW-MO. That's right. Slow motion around here. Not so much running around and a lot more sitting around. Looking forward to it.

2. I had a birthday last week, and upon such birthday I am now 31. There were lots of fun things about said birthday, but one that has lingered in my mind. I have a friend who wrote me a letter. By hand. On stationery. Telling me how awesome I look in hats (that is not true as I look terrible in hats. Seriously. Somehow the placing of a hat on my head makes my face look stop-sign shaped. For real, peeps. ) It was just so encouraging and thoughtful and like her to do that for me. It meant a lot to be thought of. 

3. In similar fashion, my sister sent me a Hunger Games companion guide with a gazillion pictures and interviews. I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that I have read it cover to cover. She wrote, "I wanted to buy you something you would want but wouldn't buy for yourself." I was all like, "Whatever- I would buy that." Husband was all like, "That's awesome. She is exactly right." And then I was all like, "Yeah. I guess she is."  (And then I was all like "So how do you feel about Hunger Games posters in our bedroom?" and then husband was like, "That's good because I've been thinking of some posters for our room..." and that's when I stopped. Because he will win this game. Oh yes, he will win.)

I don't know why I wrote that last paragraph in such fashion. I apologize.

4. Two developments in the life of baby Tessa: 1- sleeping a 13 hour night (do you hear the hallelujah chorus in background? maybe it's just me) 2- rejecting baby food. Yep- at 7.5 months she wants the real stuff. The fact that she it still toothless complicates things a bit but we are pressing on. 

5. On Wednesday I saw this bumper sticker:


At first I thought it was just a joke, but then I started thinking that it wouldn't be such a bad idea. At least we'd know what we're getting, right? 

So then as I looked into it, I discovered that there is actually a website with more organization than Occupy Wall Street. Apparently should Lord Vader enter the race, he would run on a platform of...

  • Total commitment in the War on Terror
  • Smaller Government
  • Reduced Taxation
  • Ethical Use of Biotechnology
  • Strong Defence

Well, since we have a little time left, I'll take some questions:

Q: How was Pi night at VI?
Me: Awesome. Thanks for asking.

Q: What's with the lack of pictures on here lately?
A: My camera is full so...
Q: You don't know how to delete pictures? Is that really your excuse?
A: (taken aback) Well, I just haven't really done anything about that but I will-
Q: How long do you really expect people to keep reading without pictures? I mean, seriously?
A: Hey now, most great writing doesn't have pictures at all so-
Q: Great writing? You call this great writing? You used the word 'like' five times in your third paragraph.
A: I was creating a voice.
Q: Yeah, a stupid voice. 
A: Well, that is your opinion.
Q: Seeing as you only have fourteen followers, my opinion makes up 7% of your readership. 
A: Oh, brother. Who let this yahoo in?

Well, that went... well.

Catch you later!


Teresa said...

Maybe the yahoo came in on Yahoo!

Thanks for throwing a little party for all of us who look forward to your many voices. (How many of you are in there, anyway??)

In other news, doesn't Lord Vader look a lot like Newt Gingrich?

just sayin' ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing. Your blog always makes me smile!

Bobbi Buchholz

Becky said...

T- there are many voices; they disagree on the exact amount.

Bobbi- Thanks for the comment and for reading!