quick 5

It's the end of the week as we know it...It's the end of the week as we know it...(do you have the melody in your head yet?)  It's the end of the week as we know....and I feel fine.

1.We are heading on a little road trip for the weekend. On any road trip with our family there will be 1) Mountain trail mix- peanuts, raisins, M & M's, awesome. 2) people of all ages constantly yelling, "Road trip, baby!" 3) long heart to hearts in the front seat that sometimes end in fights but are usually worked out (let's face it- things come out in the car that have not had time to surface in the busyness of life. For real, peeps.) 4) Sara Groves or LeCrae pounding in the speakers (depending who is driving). Looking forward to it!

2. I have a terrible habit where 48 hours before a trip I suddenly feel the need to do every ounce of laundry in our house. It's like this crazy voice in my head says, "What? You are going to come home to unwashed sheets? Dirty towels? Crowded laundry baskets?" and then I go nuts and wash everything and then it's time to pack and I am surrounded by a mountain of clean laundry. It is one of my {many} crazy cycles. So today that little voice started nagging at me, "Becky...there is laundry upstairs..." and I said, "You. Shut it." It was a small moment of victory for me. 

3. For this semester of school the boys memorized a song that lists the U.S. Presidents. If they recited the song at school they could earn a prize. Ella (2...almost 3!) asked me one day why she didn't get a prize at school. I replied that it was because she didn't learn the song. Then she recited all of the U.S. Presidents for me. Alrighty then. It is yet another example of how kids are sponges; they will soak up everything around them. Your job isn't to cram them with things; you can simply work to give them a greenhouse and some good soil, a little water now and then. And they'll grow. 

Here is the spunky little lady singing the presidents. (She missed one president- can you name it?)

4. I really like that the online world is bringing back the art of handmade things. In some ways we've lost an appreciation for craftsmanship in our culture; everything we have is usually made in a factory somewhere far away. So the fact that you can get online and order something that someone else MADE is just cool. Some shops I like to browse are...

Baby Girl Shoes - Mary Janes - Yellow and White Gingham
Sweetiebabes (my real life friend Tawnya's shop!)

Image of Midnight Blue nesting trio

Gussy Sews (I'm going to buy something in this print- I just haven't decided what yet)

Allora Handmade (I would own a necklace already if I could pick a color. Seriously.)

5. Two shameless plugs for my peeps:

If you are so fortunate as to live in Kansas, you really must check out The Red Barn Outdoor Market on April 28. My friend, Nicole is running this thing and it's gonna be awesome.  (You can look it up on facebook for more info.)

Also, our other friends are in a video contest over at Rump-a-rooz Cloth Diapers  in which they feature their darling twins! So hop on and vote! You can watch all 13 finalists and then vote for #13 OR you can just skip down, watch #13, and then vote for #13. Either way! Voting ends Sunday so do your civic duty and vote!

Well, the hubs is waiting to hang with me so I am outta here! Have a great weekend!


Teresa said...

You. Have a great time.

Nicole @ she-laughs said...

Aagh, friend! Thanks and love you so much!! Have a wonderfully wonderful weekend!!

Stacey said...

I've also had my eye on those Allora Handmade necklaces. I'd love to have one and fully understand paying the price for handmade. Only, we just don't have the money right now. So, I've decided to try to make my own. It won't be as good, pretty, and probably as durable as hers, but I can try!