that we might be one

Last night I was part of a lovely gathering with some friends as we talked about what it means to be one just as Christ and the Father are one (see John 17).

We laughed.

We ate turtle pie.

We drank coffee or Coronas or both.

We laughed a lot more.

Sometimes when we think about the Body of Christ, I think we misinterpret oneness as 'sameness': we try to all be alike so we can be one. But I don't think that conformity is the same as oneness.

As I try to sum up our time and write some notes (a job I am forever banished from in the future as I mostly forgot to write anything down all night) I stumbled upon this thought:

that being one is not the sacrificing of our individuality but it is the commitment to not live individually. It is the full-out abandonment of our own selfishness and the total embracing of seeking the Kingdom together.

That's about it. Being one. I deeply hope that you have someone who is a fellow seeker with you and  you are on the journey to oneness together.

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Derrick, Shelbie, kai, Addalyn and Eli said...

Love that thought/definition! Been thinking on the CHURCH lately too and completely agree!