grace revisited

 I toppled down the stairs the other evening, only to find that this decoration was broken. I quickly replaced the stray 'R' and went about my business. Some time later I noticed that the 'R' was backwards (a few days passed before I noticed it- proving how detail-oriented I am!) 

But once I noticed it- I left it. It made me look at the word 'grace' differently. And then it got me thinking about grace. Grace as a word has come to mean so little.

Grace- where I went to college.

Grace- a sweet girls' name that fits sweetly on several little girls of my acquaintance

Grace- extending a deadline

Grace- to make an appearance, "grace them with your presence"

It seems that my twenties was about extending grace to people; this was largely due to a) getting married and learning how to live in a civil way together and b)our time as houseparents at a home for teenage boys. But this fresh decade of the 30's has been more about extending grace to myself.  What does that even mean?

I think it is more than extending deadlines. "I'll give myself some grace and deal with the dishes tomorrow."

But I think there is more, and I'm on the hunt for it. So for now I will settle for this reminder to see grace in new ways.

I know it's kind of an unfinished thought but perhaps there is the beginning of that thought in you, too. 

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Tawnya said...

I'll raise my glass to this.