quick 5

And here we are.  Deep breath, everybody. Take a minute to sit back, relax, sip your (insert beverage of choice), and take in the quick 5.

1. How do you feel about facebook status updates that are written in the third person? Personally, Becky does not like them. I guess I don't mind them here and there, but people who always update their status as though they are talking about someone else- it kind of feels odd. Thoughts on that?

2. It's been awhile since I mentioned the awesomeness of our neighbors. In the last week, I have borrowed butter, milk, an egg, and a cherry coke. (I guess I shouldn't say 'borrowed' because I didn't replace any of them! :/ ) The neighbor girls came over for "girl movie night" (when we made the startling discovery that Tangled is no longer on netflix!) Many afternoons have been spent enjoying spring weather on the trampoline. As we left our hotel last week, Isaac commented, "I can't wait to get home. I miss the neighbors." Such a treat to live by people who become friends and whose kids are my kids' friends. 

3. We had a great time in KC. The weather was nice. It was lovely to see the grandparents and Aunt Emily. And as a little bonus- my nephew, Kai, had traveled with them. The kiddos just love to see that little guy! Here they are after breakfast the first morning. 

4. On Wednesday the kids were coloring and Drew looked up to me and said, "Mom, I wrote the word 'dick' on Isaac's paper."

I swallowed. Furrowed my brow. Tried to think of a situation where that word might be appropriate at all. My brain was racing to figure out where he had heard that word and what had Isaac drawn.

Panic began to creep in the back corners of my mind as I grabbed the picture.

Call me Ishmael


5. As the schedule fills I find myself getting stingier with my personal time- in a good way. I'll have the chance to watch something on TV or dink around on the internet and I think, "No- I will not let minutes go to those things!" It's as if the minutes in a day suddenly feel like this tight commodity that I am hoarding. It's good and bad- good when I use my time well; bad when I am selfish and unforgiving of interruptions. Still, even with being watchful, I am constantly amazed at how easy it is to let time slip away in ways I regret later. Certainly an area of wisdom that I am trying to pursue!

As Easter weekend approaches, there is anticipation around here. I hope that you will find ways to celebrate with your children and re-tell the "old, old story of Jesus and His love."

Well, guess that is all for this evening. 

He is Risen!


Victoria said...

The Facebook status in third person comes from when Facebook started. It would say "Tori Kimble is..." and then let you fill in the blank. So if you wanted to update your status, you had to do it in the third person. So that's where I started it. And now, sometimes I feel like pretending my life is a story that I'm reading. It makes me feel like I've actually written something on that day.

Becky said...

And I don't mind the sometimes- it feels like you're just telling something in a different way. But the ALL the time...like "Becky and her husband are heading out to dinner." Not feeling it.

Uncle J said...

I forgot that is how Facebook started! I agree with Becky though....it is annoying. There is a movie or a TV show where that happens....can't remember though.

Nicole @ she-laughs said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Oh my goodness, Moby Dick... that actually made me slouch over the keyboard and hysterically laugh out loud! And I can't stop. Oh goodness... SO funny.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice how much Isaac looks like Garrett in that picture? Thanks for making me feel relevant - I actually happened to recently see a Seinfeld rerun where a guy spoke of himself in the third person all the time. Annoying!! Mom

Teresa said...

I wish you would have listed all the kids' names under the picture, because it was so difficult to figure out which one wasn't yours. They don't look anything alike.