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Please, we've been at this for so long. Will you be offended if we just cut the small talk and get right on to the main course? 


1. I'm feeling kind of rusty as I try to write this. I know that things happened this week,or that I have random opinions which you are waiting with bated breath (whatever that means) for me to share. But I can't think of much. Maybe it's the dishwasher lulling me to sleep. Maybe it's the Easter candy in a jar that is calling to me. (It's hard to focus on something when you are using most of your mental energy to ignore something else.)  Either way- I'm kind of drawing a blank. So these next four should be interesting.

Ella & Tessa
2. Tonight the kids were discussing the Avengers and I overheard Ella say,"Thor is Loki's brother" except she pronounces it like "For is Woki's brother." So funny. Ella has several imaginary friends,most of which are the Incredible Hulk in different colors (Green Hulk, Blue Hulk, Red Hulk, Purpur Hulk, etc.) She is into super heroes. Who knows how this strong influence of boyish things will impact her?I don't know. Hopefully she will marry a man who appreciates her thorough knowledge of super heroes.

3. We went to fly kites on Monday night. There was a faint breeze, which is the worst things possible for kite-flying. It was enough breeze to get kites off the ground but not enough to keep them up. So you spend the whole time constantly trying to get kites up without the satisfaction of just watching the kids scream and hold the flying kite. Multiply this by the reality of 5 kites, 6 kite-flying kids, baby in the stroller, and the dog.(Not our dog- some of these participants were our beloved neighbors). We will be on the lookout for another windy day where the kites will really fly. 

Do you fly kites? It sounds kind of old-fashioned,doesn't it? We're old school like that.

4. Speaking of our neighbors, we often marvel at how much we have in common. At one point we joked that they are the ethnically diverse version of us and we are the white version of them. Some similarities: Kids ages are almost exactly stair steps-current ages 9, 7, 5,4,4,2,1. Same number of kids (we count their dog as their #4- they brush her teeth so that practically counts as a child.) Both dads were prior military, like to grill, shoot guns, play paintball, watch football, eat wings, enjoy a good beer (though maybe they disagree on what 'good' beer is). Both of us moms love musicals (music and drama in high school), elementary ed majors in college, and love to read. ALSO- we have both backed our new minivans into the same telephone pole in the alley. For real. Although, her new-van-into-telephone-pole story involves sliding on ice, so it is much more sympathetic and less neurotic. 

Tessa Jo at the best age- 8 months
5. I decided today that I would be happy to have an 8 month old baby for the rest of my life. That is not saying that I want to keep having babies so that I can have more 8 month olds. That is saying that if they develop the way to freeze aging (like how you wish you could buy a puppy, house train it, and then make it stop growing because it is so cute? That kind of technology is what I'm talking about). Tessa is, quite frankly, awesome. She's happy, sleeps a good long night, can eat finger foods, and is slightly mobile. The perfect baby stage. Soon we will  be into opening drawers, early signs of the strong will, bumps and bruises from trying to walk, the 18 month stitches,etc. But for right now I am loving this age so much. 

Well, we made it, folks! Hope that wasn't too painful for you. Hope your weekend is jam-packed with people you love,moments that linger, and laughter floating through your house.  

Catch ya later. 

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