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In general, I agree with my friend's description of life that "The days are long but the weeks are fast." But every once in awhile I have one of those weeks where the days are long and the nights are long and the mornings are long and is it Friday yet? That's how I have felt this week. 

But in the midst of that, there are things to tell, though I think a good subtitle would probably be "Much Ado About Nothing". Still, it's our nothing. So here it is.

1. We played library roulette this week (you know- that fly-by-night adventure where you enter the public library with multiple children, whisk books off the shelf like you’re in supermarket sweep, check out frantically, and then go home to discover what you have signed up to read repeatedly for the next three weeks). Sometimes you lose (two words: Stella Luna) but sometimes you win (Movie quote:  “Sometimes when you win, you really lose, and sometimes when you lose, you really win, and sometimes when you win or lose, you actually tie, and sometimes when you tie, you actually win or lose.” Anybody???)  So this week one of our random grabs was Whopper Cake by Karma Wilson and Will Hillenbrand. This book wasn’t a total gamble because Karma Wilson is the genius behind two of our much-loved books, Hilda Must be Dancing and Bear Snores On. In Whopper Cake, Grandad sets out to bake a cake that is worthy of the woman he loves- grandma. It’s a charming tale and ends with a recipe- so naturally, whopper cake was on the menu! Here are the little chefs:

Head Chef Ella: most likely to sneak a bite

Chef Drew and Chef Isaac: most likely to ruin a picture with weird faces

Things you say when cooking with children: "Stop licking that egg! Stop licking the pan! Don't lick that spoon! Stop licking your sister!"

Whopper Cake: Success. 

 2. I feel like I've been walking around with a little rain cloud over my head the last few days. Just kind of feeling tired and worn and like maybe I bit off a little more than I can shove down my throat. The husband is really busy and stressed with work. The kids are at each other. Tessa (the sole member of the family who is rarely cranky) has been fighting a sinus infection which is making her, dare I say it, cranky.  There are days when you just kind of wonder what exactly you are doing…and what exactly the kids are doing…and what exactly  you will fix for dinner. The best advice I can offer is to just keep going for a few days. Most of the time things kind of smooth out and I find a little rainbow peeking out of that cloud over my head. If I feel that way more than a few days, then I start to think more about what I’m doing and where I’m finding life and perhaps how things should shift. But don’t ask those questions too early- it’s confusing. For me anyways. But that’s just a little perspective from the cool shade of my rain cloud. Maybe yours is different.

3. I’ve heard the reality that the more kids you have, the less pictures of them there will be. As in Baby #1 had a scrapbook of the first 3 months, Baby #4  just shows up in family pictures around 8 months old.  (I prefer not to create these awkward comparisons, thus I do not scrapbook.) However, I am finding a different trend for my little baby #4. It’s not that there aren’t pictures of her, there are just a lot of pictures that look like this….
Tessa's right ear and wrist, 8 months
It's hard to take pictures of the baby while keeping an eye (or two) on the big people who are not strapped in somewhere. 

A little better but that left ear is still so elusive
OK. Focus, Mom. Get a good picture. Just when I'm about to snap it, 
there is a scream from the garage...
The ear hides again. And now she gets cranky. 
The funny thing about Tessa is that she is not cranky very often so it kind of 
seems noteworthy. So here she is cranky.

I dropped my phone!

Stop taking pictures and get it for me!
Was that so hard?
You want me to just smile and pretend that whole thing didn't happen?

But can we please go in and have a snack?

Or could you just hand me the cheerio that's stuck to your shoulder?

 4. We are now farmers. Living room farmers,to be exact. Ant farmers, to be even exacter. That's right, the ant farm is up and running, folks, and it is quite a hit around here. Pics and live footage to come. (In other insect news that is occurring in our living room, one of the tarantulas died. I don't really expect you to be sad because, let's face it,  most of you were not extremely supportive about the idea to get tarantulas and then let them live in the living room. Now there's just one. It's like Survivor for Tarantulas. I guess the red one won! We joked about turning the ant farm into a real live Hunger Games by adding the tarantula but it was just a joke. And I think two of the ants are actually star-crossed lovers, so that whole story line has totally been done before, know what I mean?)

5. Is it me or is this the longest quick 5 ever? Sheesh.  I'd like to close with another self-interview Q & A.

Q: So Becky, I heard a rumor on facebook that your house is more clean than ever.
A: That is definitive proof that you can't believe everything you hear on facebook.

Q:  How's the book coming along?
A: Slow and steady.
Q: Would you say it is more slow or more steady?
A: More slow.
Q: Then maybe a more accurate answer to the question "How's the book coming?" would be "Slow."
A: That wasn't a question, that was an opinion. You are terrible at interviewing.
Q: Oh yeah? Well at least I don't have half a manuscript aging on my hard drive!
A: Again, not a question. 
Q: How do you sleep at night knowing that you will probably never finish your book?
A: Quite well, actually. The key is to be so exhausted by your children that when your head hits the pillow you don't think about your life at all.

Q: How's the diet and exercise going?
A: Touche.

Well, there you have it. I'd like to thank the folks who commented on the Baby Weight post. Really appreciate your voices that assure me (and the rest of us out there) that I am not the only one fighting that fight right now. 

Do something brave today. Maybe that's shower while the children are awake. Maybe that's call someone and tell them they are on your mind. Maybe that's wear plaid. Whatever it is- do something brave and have grace for those around you who are trying to be brave, too. 


Tawnya said...

Completely relate to #2 and you articulated that so well. I agree about not questioning it too early....and then yes, questioning it when it lingers!! Reminds me of the Sara Groves song "This One Thing". Thanks for the post - love your voice!

Christy said...

Tessa is adorable!! And I can't believe how big your kids are getting. Loved this post, as always. Feel like we are walking similar roads this week!

Anonymous said...

Movie Quote


Thanks for the shout out kiddo!


Derrick, Shelbie, kai, Addalyn and Eli said...

WMCJ...yep. surprised my husband didn't jump at the chance to comment on that one!

Teresa said...

First of all, Stellaluna is one word.

Secondly, how is that losing? It's one of our faves!

Two words: What ever.