quick 5

1. I am writing this quick 5 from the comfort of my son's lower bunk. Due to a variety of issues all having to do with air flow and temperature complications, our upstairs is an oven.So we popped the window unit in the boys room and are all sleeping in here for the night. (It reminds me of that quote from Away We Go where Maggie Gyllenhaall says,"We practice family bed." And then that reminds me of a similar scene where the character makes a snide comment, "They gave us a stroller.John Krasinski asks, "What's wrong with a stroller?" She replies,offended, "I LOVE my babies. Why would I want to PUSH them away from me?")

Anyways, getting a new AC next week so we'll just be laying low (literally- lower bunk!) until then.

2. I had this genius idea that I needed an app where I could keep track of all my recipes, birthday party ideas, homeschool thoughts- like a place to collaborate all that and keep it so that when I need it I'm not all "Where did I see that idea about...". Then it occurred to me that I'm pretty sure that is what pinterest is. Oh, NOW I get it...

3. The Avengers came out last night at midnight. Did anyone see it already? Please, give us the fresh-from-the-theater scoop.

4. Doing some party prep tonight for a little shindig for Ella. Decided to keep it small and simple, just having a little dinner and cake with friends. She has been dreaming of her little "Tangled" birthday party for months,so naturally there will be a lot of that going on. And some crazy rainbow cupcakes. And a little glow jumping on the trampoline at dusk. Praying for awesome, outdoor weather because our house is a little toasty. And piled high with boxes.

Which brings me to number 5.

5. Our friend, Tracey, and her sweet baby, Leslie, are now the proud occupants of our former playroom! It took a bit of work to clear that room out and get it prepped but they moved in last weekend and are settling in quite nicely. There is a general piled-ness of things around our house. So we are in a process of resettling. What I really need is one of those machines from "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" where I could just zap all our junk and store it in a shoe box on the top shelf of the pantry. That would be awesome. (Excuse me while I check e-bay...or etsy...)

Well, I have so many other things to tell you including a riveting story about how a trampoline ended up in our yard, an expose on the drama of ant farming (did you know that ants bury their dead?), and a post about my little lady turning three (sniff, sniff). Hopefully those things will come in time.

I'd like to close with the encouraging words of Peter, words I hope for your home and mine-

Grace and peace be yours in abundance.  1 pet. 1:2b

Have a good one, folks!


Sharon said...

for keeping track of articles and things on the internet, Evernote is a really good site for that too!

Becky said...

Thanks, Sharon. I will check that out.