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You made it though another week. Depending what your week was like, that might feel like a real accomplishment. Here are five things I know you are dying to hear.

1. We've given up TV. It didn't happen on purpose, and every once in awhile there is something we REALLY want to watch and so we watch it. But in general, it just seemed like there were other things we want to do more. We kind of watched The Voice through the end of that season, and Garrett follows Game of Thrones online. But other than that- we're almost TV-free. It feels good and there is this flash of realization, "Oh, we do have free time. We were just spending it in front of the TV."  In it's place? A certain book is being written and a certain video game is being played. And a little more chatting and quality time. Not a bad move, I'd say.

2. With the warm air and pleasant afternoons, the kiddos are buzzing around the yard finding many adventures. I know I've said it before, and if you stick around you'll hear it again a few hundred times, we are so thankful to live next to a family that has kids with similar ages. 
Just the six of them

The third-borns- hiding in a box as they eat their poprocks!

The responsible firstborns helping with yardwork
Last week the kids devised a game called "City". Each child was assigned a job and had to work for so many hours to earn rocks. These rocks could be used to buy food. Each person was also given an allotted amount of free time.  Isaac refused to work so he got no food. Amirah was a doctor, so she had a lot of rocks but no free time. Where do they get these ideas? "City" has ended and now it all about their club- the A Club. 

 3. And now for an Ant Farm Update.

They all died. 
 4. For Ella's birthday, I was inspired by my friends, Sharon and Rebecca who introduced us to the rainbow cake. So for Ella, we did rainbow cupcakes. It's a breeze. Simply mix up your batter and divide it into bowls. We did four bowls.  Then mix each bowl a bright color.

 Next add a bit of color to each cupcake. The colors will stay separate as long as you don't stir. 

 Bake them as usual and- VOILA!

I used a canned frosting that spray out like aerosol cheese. Woah. Then topped with sprinkles and Tangled toppers that we made out of a pack of stickers, a piece of cardstock, and toothpicks. It's so fun to bite into those cupcakes and see the bright colors- you should try it!

5. It's been a month of a lot of transition. We cleaned out the playroom, welcomed Tracey and Leslie, then emptied the basement just days later to prepare for the work on the air conditioner (which means all that work was done in the heat- not so bad yet, thankfully!) Last weekend I hit a breaking point where the piles and boxes seemed to be growing, and i just didn't feel like there was anywhere clear enough to sort things. I freaked out on my husband, declaring my determination to burn my things, stop writing altogether, and dye my hair purple (that last one wasn't true- just added for dramatic effect). He talked me down and encouraged me to keep on keeping on, to trust Jesus and let Him take care of us. Then two funny things happened. Monday night, our AC guy randomly started offering to haul things away. Old appliances, desk chair, scraps of things- did we mind if he took them? We even sold him the futon in the garage. It was crazy how in thirty minutes, so much stress drove away in his truck. Then yesterday, a truck pulled up in the back of our alley and someone offered to haul away some branches, random broken furniture, and other things recently purged. Twenty minutes later- gone. It sounds so ridiculous that those piles of things could have produced so much anxiety- but isn't that how stuff is? 

When it comes to stuff, I think we tend to want to have more than enough. But my philosophy is I want to have a little less than I need- that way there is the least amount to take care of and there is reason to need other people. In our neighborhood, we have a few friends that we share things with- we have the smoker, she has a vacuum, he has power tools, they have a hedge trimmer. It makes our lives overlap, frees up space for other things, and saves money. 

The moral of the story isn't to have less; I got off on a little tangent. The point was that in my need to be freed, in being unsure if I should rent a truck or a dumpster or just light a bonfire and toss it all in, Christ met me there. He cares about those crazy little things that suddenly feel very big. And I am thankful for that. 

Well, I guess that's a wrap. Is it me or is the month of May running away from us? Sheesh.

Have a good one, folks!

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Teresa said...

So I'm wondering ... who buried who?
The ants, I mean.