tuesday night rambles

It's Tuesday night and I am in my sweats, sitting indian-style on my bed with my laptop resting on a very large Marvel Encyclopedia (as in Marvel Superheroes...that's how we roll around here). 

I've been meaning to write for...ever. I love this little blog, I love that there is a place where so much of our life has been recorded and I love that people I know (and a few that I don't- Hi, my name's Becky. Now we all know each other) can pop in and see what we are up to. So it makes me three shades of blue when I go to write my quick 5 and realize that the most current post is the last quick 5.

Oh, I know there are a gazillion reasons why it's like that. And I know that you aren't holding your breath for me to post each day. Still there is a small sigh that something I value is a bit dusty in the creative sense. But such is life....my life, anyways.

Tonight is noteworthy for several reasons: I am hanging out upstairs. This is because our air conditioner is running! So thankful. We have always had AC issues with this house and knew the day would come when we just had to replace everything. Thankfully that day came, is over, and we could afford it. That is a lot to be thankful for.

It is also noteworthy because a video game that my husband has long been anticipating came out. So I will be flying solo a bit in the evenings. I do that cheerfully, knowing that in seasons when I am passionate about something that consumes my time (National Novel Writing Month, burn-my-finger-tips-craft-night, etc.) he is supportive and gracious and let's me do my thing. (And he is more of a night owl, so often he doesn't even do his thing until after I'm asleep.)

I recently discovered peach schnapps. I'm fairly certain this is actually the drink in ancient mythology that is referred to as 'the nectar of the gods.' It just tastes so good- I can't get over it. I like to fill a glass with crushed ice, then pour in two thirds sprite, one third cherry juice, and a teaspoon of peach schnapps. Nectar of the gods, people. I'm serious. If you don't have all those ingredients- COME OVER! Seriously, I'll whip one up for you. It is that good. 

I've had two recent episodes that involve public bathrooms. I won't go into detail because a) I don't want my non-parent friends to run from the computer screaming, and then when they settle down, un-friend me in every way possible, and b) I don't really like to talk potty, and c) Too soon. Let's just say one incident involved me trekking into the men's room where my four year old had gotten into a bit of trouble and was screaming loud enough for the restaurant to hear and the other involved an emergency bathroom stop while holding the baby. Bad new, folks, bad news. 

And just so you know, I'm going to give men everywhere the benefit of the doubt that I happened upon a terrible men's room and assume that they don't all smell and look like that. Sheesh.

For someone who doesn't like to talk potty, I sure am going on a bit aren't I.

Moving on.

I voted today. I had to go to three places because there was a mix-up about my voting location being changed. I guess some idiot forgot to read the stupid postcard that came in the mail that told her where to go vote. Some people. It was kind of anticlimactic: went to three places to finally fill in four bubbles on a piece of paper. I don't know why it seemed like it would be a bigger deal. But it was the principle of the matter. I think if you don't vote then you shouldn't complain about politics. I voted; therefore I can complain. 

Just kidding. I am bracing myself for the political season. I hate it. All the mud slinging and sensationalism. All the commercials and ads and rallies and money spent trying to sway the American people. It seems like a strange way for democracy to play out: rich people spend insane amounts of money to convince people that they can be trusted to handle money well. And the vast majority of those people will not even vote. 

Right. How about we take all that money, give clean water to all of Africa, and you two can just thumb wrestle?  I know that there is more at stake, and I do believe that the President of our country holds a lot of power and can do a lot of good, I just weary of the frenzy. 

Well, time for me to turn in. Hope your week has started well. 

See you Friday.


Teresa said...

okay, first of all, I was trying at the beginning so hard to picture you resting comfortably on what sounds like a huge hard-backed book and wondering how in the world you were balancing on it ... that is until I figured out it was only your laptop that was resting on the encyclopedia.

Secondly, I'm thirsty and I'm on my way ...

Third of all, did I tell you about the one where I walked into the men's bathroom? Only my story was not to understandably rescue a screaming 4yo, it was just because I wasn't paying any attention at all whatsoever. Zero. Zilch. Good thing it wasn't at the homeschool convention where all of the men in the bathroom happened to be married to a bunch of ladies that I know. That WOULD be embarrassing!

And C, I'll c u on Friday. LUAISOTCAHU!! (Laughing Uncontrollably As I Switch Off The Computer And Head Upstairs).

It's catching on.

Becky said...

T- OK, so the description of me, the laptop, the encyclopedia was a bit confusing. Sorry about that. I keep thinking I'll run into you at Bucky's sometime- where ya been? Not sure about LUAISOTCAHU- I prefer SOSAIRTOMSP (Sort Of Smiling As I Read This On My Smart Phone). Good to hear from you. Let's pie some time.

Teresa said...

Trust me, I've been to Bucky's.

You have to keep in mind that it was after midnight when I was LUAISOTCAHU. I'm sure it wasn't so funny I needed to laugh uncontrollably, but at 12:30, it kind of was.

SIAWWWAGTVI (Smirking Ironically And Wondering When We Are Going To Village Inn).