a colorado morning

Our first few days in CO were hot. I considered speaking  to the management about getting my money back since I paid for CO weather. Then I remembered that I'm staying free thanks to the generosity of my family. So I stopped complaining. But then in the night, a mountain breeze blew into our cabin and has been cooling us ever since.

The kids were thrilled to awake to the cold weather because Moo-moo (their grandma) had hooked them up with new gear. And what's worse than new gear that you can't wear? Here we are in front of the main building that holds the the offices, gym, and meeting rooms (our cabin is just to the left of Drew in this shot).

(sometimes I have nightmares about him posing like that in his wedding pictures. Deep breath. Its just  a phase, just a phase, just a phase...)

(his freckles have popped out in the last few days from the sun)

(why yes- we are opposed to fixing hair on vacation, thank you very much)

We are staying at Ponderosa for a few more days then we'll make the trek home. Sad to leave our family and the mountains but, man, are we missing Garrett!  

All for now =)


Teresa said...

Love the gear - I hope you got one too!!

Becky said...

I did get one! Thanks =)