once upon a quick 5

Welcome to Friday. Glad you could make it.

1. This week I attended a,local training conference for Classical Conversations, a homeschool community that we have participated in and are heading into again next year. I came away with so many things: an excitement to grow in relationship with some of the other moms, a new understanding and appreciation for Latin, a firm commitment to never skip naps three days in a row ever ever again, and a tired but happy bunch of kids. And I feel strangely refreshed; kind of like the refreshment that comes from finishing something hard, not the refreshment that comes from lounging in a beach chair. But that's ok.

2. Watch this. (On a side note, my awesome friend, Jennie, just returned my copy of Les Mis because she FINISHED it so it is available to borrow. But I might reread it so if you don't want it that's fine, too.)

3. I've been thinking lately about the power of words. By building your child's vocabulary, not only do you enable them with context to interact all around them, you also empower them to express emotions. Words are so weighty, so strong and forceful in our lives every day. The right word at the right time is a gift, a thoughtful and precious gift that does not come often or easily. I love words. I think that's why I like to write and play Mad Gab and do crossword puzzles and add vowels to license plates to make words (do you do that? please tell me you do). Helping children choose words well- the idea of that, that ideal to strive for, it kind of takes my breath away. 

4. I studied a lot of Latin over the last few days. My vocabulary is still pretty limited ("Et, tu Brute?" and "Veni, Vidi, Vici" and John 1:1-7 "In principio erat verbum...") but I am learning a little more about why people would subject their children to the rigorous study of Latin. I'm still leery of the whole thing but warming to the idea. For the coming school year we are going to focus more on our history timeline and some new writing, but I see Latin waiting for me on the horizon. I'm not sure whether to wave at it excitedly or try to snipe it. We shall see. 

5. I was thinking today about the enoughness of God. I know that the appropriate word is probably 'sufficiency', but that word doesn't really resonate with me, doesn't seem to say the same thing to all the little parts of me that feel so not enough. But when I am asked to say something that I am thankful for, one of my first thoughts is the enoughness of God. I love that aspect of Him. 

Well, I'm beat. So I'm out like trout, gonna sleep like sheep, and wake with a...milkshake? I dunno- that didn't end quite like I thought. We have a little road trip on the horizon for the weekend, and if I can survive the laundry and packing phase, it's gonna be epic (as the kids say).

Thanks for reading. Have a good one!


Teresa said...

I'm calling for a GabOff.

You. Me. Mad Gab.
Let's see who wins.

Do you want to do that before or after pie? I know, let's do three rounds of GabOff, run to VI, eat some PI, and then come back and watch YGM. Maybe drink some DP and talk til 3AM.

Sound good?

Jacq said...

Cepi Latin in schola quod ego sum sic laetus ego did. Ego vere reputo is eram solus res ut got mihi a obduco grade in biology! Ego utor having Ella quod Isaac in lascivio castra!